Manifestos : The Socialist Labour Party

Just to prove you can’t keep a good man down (did I say ‘good’?) here’s a review of the manifesto for Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party.

It’s actually rather predictable coming from a man who, when nobody else wanted him – including the NUM – buggered off and started his own political party just to make sure that he didn’t drop out of the limelight.

I am reminded of Adolf Hitler sitting in his bunker in Berlin with the bombs dropping all around him moving his imaginary armies around his map of Europe. Totally deluded!

Here’s the main points of the SLP manifesto :

  • Abolish public schools like Eton and Harrow – other than on the basis of pure ideological dogma I can’t see why we would bother?
  • Leave the EU and save £170bn a year – can’t argue with that one!
  • A tax on bank profits – sound familiar?
  • Building 1,000,000 new homes – anything the other parties can promise, we can promise bigger!
  • Nationalise all transport systems – sounds like the Green Party
  • Scrap Trident – sounds like the SNP
  • 90% top rate of tax on incomes over £300,000 – sounds like what Ed Balls would really like to do…
  • £12 an hour minimum wage – anything the other parties can promise, we can promise bigger – again!
  • Scrap nuclear power – so we can watch the lights go out all over Britain
  • Integrated energy policy, based on a publicly-owned deep mine coal industry along with forms of renewable energy – and bugger global warming and greenhouse gasses!
  • All faith schools abolished because they are a breeding ground for prejudice and intolerance – like the intolerance of the SLP for public schools?
It’s an entertaining read. If implemented we’d see a return to a reliance on coal when we really have moved on, haven’t we? But of course what this would really mean is that all these years on, Scargill would finally get to win that strike.
What worries me is that a lot of this stuff sound alarmingly like what a lot of the other parties are actually proposing.
But what really caught my eye is that the SLP can only manage to raise 8 candidates and presumably in an attempt to cash in on the coal industry and anti-English sentiment, they are all standing in Welsh constituencies. Watch out Leanne, Arthur’s coming…
( …and Welsh is still a dead language )

2 responses to “Manifestos : The Socialist Labour Party

  1. Seriously, I didn't know Arthur was still alive. However, at least you know where you are with him. He's more like the genuine article, a socialist that is, than the faux, champagne drinking Islington variety.

    When he predicted the closure of vast numbers of coal mines we all thought he was barking mad. As it turned out, he actually under estimated the number that would eventually cease production, and how many miners would be put out of work as a result.

    It amazes me that he still has enough energy and commitment to carry on the fight, in an odd sort of way I quite admire his conviction. Looking at the manifesto it's a bit like the “curate's egg” – one or two quite good proposals, the rest of it risible.

    At the end of the day, with only 6 candidates standing the SLU is hardly going to have an impact on the overall result – I would bet that they will all lose their deposits – and I don't mean their deep mine ones.

    As for Ed Balls wanting to have a 90% tax rate on incomes over £300,000, surely not? After all that would directly affect him and all his cronies wouldn't it?

  2. I'm sure he'd find a way of exempting MPs, Peers and Public Servants.

    Back in the 60s under Labour, my father paid 90% top rate tax and they imposed a 15% 'Investment Income Surcharge' on dividends and interest – which meant on his top slice he paid 105% tax – so if you think it couldn't happen, think again!