Fuck you, nPower!

You might recall that a short while back I was pissed off with Virgin Media for throwing my account over to TalkTalk without my permission because I don’t have fibre optic broadband in my street. I objected to their high handed arrogance.

Well, this week I’m pissed off with nPower. I transferred my gas and electric to nPower because, as the Government keeps telling us we should ‘shop around to save money’.

I was paying £67 a month for my utilities through M&S/Southern Electric and nPower were offering me a deal for £48 a month. No brainer is it – especially as I knew exactly what my consumption was for the previous full year, so I wasn’t using estimated figures.

Then the fun started. First nPower only charged me for half of my energy because they quoted me two amounts – one for gas and one for electric – and only collected one of them at £25. Their error not mine. After three months I got a bill based on an estimated reading despite the fact I had given them real ones. Now they want to increase my direct debit to £81 a month.

Why this is is totally beyond me. I can understand they might want to recoup the under-deduction and that’s fair enough. Now they want to charge me £542 a year for my electricity. However,  based on their own figures (which are overstated anyway!) the calculation actually works out at £224 a year so they will be overcharging me by £26 a month.

Add to this that the consumption figures they have extrapolated are based on the usage during the heaviest quarter of the year and we are about to move into the summer months, the figures become even more ridiculous.

So I’ve filled in the forms to switch to Scottish Power who want to charge me – you guessed it – £48 a month! And to make sure that the right bunch of completely incompetent tossers at nPower can’t overcharge me this month, I’ve cancelled the Direct Debit.

Now it gets better, because I just received a snotty letter from the bunch of tossers at nPower telling me that they’re going to switch me to the higher standard tariff unless I reinstate the Direct Debit. Well, fuck you nPower. I’ll risk it…

All of this could have been avoided, of course, if aforementioned right bunch of tossers just replied to the email I sent them asking them to review the increase in the monthly payment and pointing out why it was wrong. But, of course, being a right bunch of tossers they didn’t bother.

Did I mention that nPower are a right bunch of tossers…?


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  1. I've always had my electricty supplied by nPower. I've never switched supplier because of the many horror stories, like yours, of complications and no real long term savings. I record my meter reading daily and track my usage using an excel spreadsheet and use it to predict my next bill. I do this using the previous amount charged divided by units consumed to give an overall price per unit. I always add a bit to the unit price so I always over estimate and don't get any nasty surprises. I started doing this in 2007 and have all the historical data. The main reason for doing so was because they increased thier prices and estimated how many units I had used before and since the price increase. Needless to say to their advantage.

    I stick to quarterly billing, and refuse point blank to go down the monthly direct debit route. Almost everyone I know who uses the monthly DD system ends up over paying. My father was paying almost £200/month for combined gas and electricity until I got involved. He now pays just over £30/month. He's with eon.

    I have never understood nPower's method of billing calculation. I wrote to them asking them to explain how the bill was calculated and got a completely off topic reply, which did not answer my questions. I'm sick and tired of receiving daft letters from them telling me how they are making the bill easier to understand – absolute bollocks. If they were serious, they would have a simple price per unit, not all this shit about the first so many units at one price and then other amounts thereafter.

    All service providers have latched onto the idea of making contracts and bills nigh on impossible to understand. That includes phone companies, broadband suppliers, insurance firms and the energy industry. All complete and utter bastards.

  2. Another point I forgot to mention was nPowers definition of a quarter. Some quarters end up being 60 days other quarters according to them are 150 days. I never really know when to expect a bill. And you've problably guessed that the 150 day “quarters” are the winter ones.

  3. I had this issue with British Gas, when I paid monthly installments and they ended up owing me £700. which it took me SIX MONTHS to get back.
    I was told by Ofgen (who at the time dealt with energy company complaints) that ALL the companies over estimate usage deliberately. those payments then sit in their account gaining THEM interest and that it was a complete con.
    I switched to key payment (YES I KNOW I pay a premium) BUT I don't have the massive hassle of ridiculous conversations about increased DD's, I don't have to fight to get back MY cash and most importantly I am not making these greedy grasping tossers interest on my cash.

  4. It's a foretaste of the future our grandchildren face. A corporate led dictatorship underpinned by a North Korean like totalitarian regime, based in Berlin/Brussels. All utility bills and tax will be taken and distributed by government and remaining income then passed on to the earner.

  5. Just switched to First Ultility via 'The Big Deal'. My previous supplier, Scottish Power, couldn't compete with the lower overall tariff. Early days re billing etc, but may as well give them a go. Actually, SP were generally pretty good and I had no issues with them for the duration (I think 6 or so years).


  6. Interesting comments from all. I eventually got a response from nPower about 10 days after they promised a 48 hour response. It basic said – paraphrasing – we were busy and now you've decided to move your supply so we're not going to answer your query and you can fuck off.

    And then they had the cheek to end the mail with a “we hope we fully answered your query”. Bloody idiots! I've filed them in the non touching bargepole category together with the wankers at Santander…

  7. All you really needed to do was go online and change your direct debit amount. The rest could have been sorted in due course

  8. Unfortunately, the direct debit is originated their end and they set the amount not you. I did write to them and ask them to change it and pointed out that their maths didn't add up but they chose to ignore me!

  9. What remaining income..?

  10. I've had all this over and over, have this year actually renewed at OVO energy, it's a tiny bit more expensive and even they can't cope with our use pattern: for 5-6 months of the year we use NO GAS at all. so as summer rolls on they reduce the combined direct debit down and down.. until winter starts and it goes whoosh back up again. No supplier we have used can cope with this.
    We left Eon when they tried to raise it to 235/month. when out usage is about 135/month winter (High yes but I use a lot of 'leccy for a lot of work related computers that are on 24/7.

    To the point, the thing with OVO is – if they charge you too much monthly they give you 3% interest on your credit balance. So it's in their interest to get it a close as possible.

    So I stuck with them.