Floating voters…

While a UKIP candidate got into trouble yesterday for one of it’s supporters referring to the illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean as ‘Labour’s floating voters’ and our illustrious Prime Minister tries to look all statesmanlike at an EU summit to tackle the problem, the best advice I heard yesterday was from Tony Abbott – a man not noted for holding back!

Abbott said : “If you want to stop migrants crossing the Mediterranean, don’t let them set foot on land” and I have to admit he has a point.

Australia had similar problem with migrants coming from the north and launched a military style operation to turn the boats back. While Mr Abbott’s controversial policy has proved successful, with the nation going nearly 18 months with virtually no asylum-seeker boat arrivals and no reported deaths at sea, human rights advocates say it violates Australia’s international obligations. He’s not bothered overly about that, and if our politicians had any backbone then they’d feel the same way.

The fact is that despite the deaths at sea, the buggers keep coming. The Aussies turned the boats back and if the EU did the same along the coast of North Africa then these people wouldn’t get far enough to drown in the first place. The traffickers know that all they have to do is cram as many people into a boat as they can and then send out a distress call. The Italian navy comes running, offloads the migrants and carries them to dry land. They don’t give a toss about the people in the boats and they’re getting the EU to help them finish the job.

What a load of mugs we are. We bring them ashore in the EU. We don’t even have the gumption to put them ashore back in Africa.

And as for those human rights advocates? Well, fuck ’em. If they were that concerned about these people’s human rights then they should have helped them out back home and then they’d never be getting into those boats in the first place.


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  1. backofanenvelope

    “If they were that concerned about these people's human rights then they should have helped them out back home”

    Of course, we have been helping them out back home for 50 or 60 years. We have shovelled hundreds of millions of pounds into them. If their countries are still shit holes, its their fault, not ours.

  2. I've been saying it for years. But of course, as soon as you suggest anything along the lines of stopping them coming, you're branded anything from “bigot”, “racist”, “fascist” to “Nazi” – not that it bother me. When I'm accused of being a bigot, I always reply “yes and proud of it”.
    My long held suspicions look as if they are being proved right.



    The thing is these immigrants, very rarely if ever, end up being the neighbours of the governing class. They might sometimes end up being their “cleaning ladies” or “gardeners”, but that's the nearest the rich and powerful ever get.to “rubbing shoulders” with this human flotsam.

    What gets my goat is that these Africans land in southern Europe, but are not dealt with there. They are allowed to make their way north, and invariably end up in the UK. The Australian government has got the right policy on this issue.

  3. I watched Farage on BBC Breakfast this morning. He said that we should take a few thousand but prioritise the Christians because they have no place to go. I agree with him that if the Christians go home they'll most likely get slaughtered by the Muslim fanatics but I bet it doesn't get reported like that. They'll just brand him a racist again even if it wasn't what he said…

  4. The counter argument – which I don't agree with wholly – is that we bombed the shit out of their countries so it's all our fault. Well, if they'd behaved properly in the first place and sorted out their own countries, then Blair wouldn't have had an excuse to blow the shit out of them in the first place.

    Thanks a lot Tony. Is this what was meant by your 'legacy'?

    And don't start me on human bloody rights….!

  5. Personally I would set up large cannons and blow every boat up before it get's near land, if they knew they were going to be blown to kingdom come they would soon stop coming.
    Once they set foot on dry land they are going to continue pushing to get specialist treatment and admittance to an already overcrowded UK.

  6. I agree with Farage completely, but in order to find out if they are Christians they have to set foot on land and by then it's too late.

  7. Bit extreme but I see your argument. The Aussies just blocked them and forced them to turn back. We could take them aboard, sink the ships and then dump them back home.

    Whatever happens, you can be certain our politicians will fuck it up!

  8. A report on BBC Breakfast this morning highlighted (totally unintentionally, naturally) that the entire ISIL debacle is yet another of Bliar the Warmonger's unintended consequences in his desperate desire to go down in history as a “war leader”.

    Radical Rodent

  9. Dear Dioclese

    ” …and no reported deaths at sea, human rights advocates say it violates Australia's international obligations.”

    Does that mean that the 'Oomin rights' brigade reckon Australia has an international obligation to encourage people to drown?

    I believe Australia set up a receiving station on an island where would be illegal immigrants were processed and either granted asylum or repatriated.


  10. The all seem to head for Lampedusa so I reckon that would be a good place for a processing centre? That's an island isn't it? And it's a long swim from there to the mainland…

  11. This is correct. They are processed on a shit hole such as New Guinea or Nauru. These governments get some gifts from the Au government for allowing them to dump them off. Some migrants have refused to get off the boats saying its not Australia, others have sewn their mouths shut, but its got them no where.

    EU has plenty of Islands, and as Greece owns half of them. and half the EU Debt, heres a start. If they want to swim off, good luck.If they get to the mainland and caught they are deported.