Manifestos : The SNP

Well, it looks like the nightmare scenario is moving a step closer to reality with the launch of the SNP manifesto.

What struck me most of all as I watched the Scottish cuntfest unravelling was the power of Nicola Sturgeon as a public speaker. The woman can deliver, I will give her that. She’s a natural born rabble rouser.

But then I noticed the similarity to another famous public speaker who know how to hold a crowd in the palm of his hand. Nicola Sturgeon – a female version of Adolf Hitler in a kilt…

So what are the SNP proposing?

  • Spending increase of 0.5% a year, enabling £140bn extra investment – clearly the SNP, like Labour, haven’t realised that you can’t spend your way out of a recession nor can you reduce debt by putting it on your credit card!
  • Annual UK target of 100,000 affordable homes – which is a lot less than the other parties and, frankly, more sensible than Clegg’s 10 new garden cities
  • Increase in minimum wage to £8.70 by 2020 – seems reasonable?
  • Restore the 50p top income tax rate for those earning more than £150,000 – which I see as a dig at the Conservatives and a fop to Labour
  • Build an alliance against the renewal of Trident – which although it sounds sensible would put an awful lot of Scottish shipbuilders out of work
  • Retain the triple lock on pensions and protect the winter fuel allowance – sensible
  • Abolition of non-dom status – another fop to Labour
  • A tax on bankers’ bonuses – ditto
  • Mansion tax – ditto
  • £24b to be spent on the NHS – Whoa! Where did that figure come from and where will you get the money?
  • Oppose withdrawal from the EU – well at least they didn’t say oppose a referendum.
  • Sensible immigration policies – er… what exactly might those be?
  • Full fiscal responsibility for Scotland – tax raising powers and all that goes with it makes it effectively a separate country by the back door, doesn’t it?
  • An end to Tory rule – I wonder why they put that one in. It reminded me a bit of when Hitler blamed everything on the jews and brings me back to my earlier comparison.
As far as I can see this manifesto amounts to completely uncosted proposals that would help Labour reverse all the gains of the last five years. Sturgeon clearly sees herself as Deputy PM in all but name and backs it up with wild promises and fervent nationalistic rabble rousing. A bit like ISIS but with fewer beheadings.
I find it interesting that a party that wanted to remove Scotland from the UK just a few months ago now seems to want to run the whole shooting match from Edinburgh without a single MP outside their own country. Come back Alex Salmond – all is forgiven!
As far as I am concerned, Sturgeon can have her ‘full fiscal autonomy’ because this would bring Scotland to its knees and finish her off for good. Scotland without English money is a non-starter especially as the next big source of oil revenues would appear to be not in the North Sea (Scotland’s oil!) but under Gatwick Airport (England’s oil!).
None of this will, of course, matter to the Scottish nationalists because they want their own version of national socialism – and look where that got us last time around… 

10 responses to “Manifestos : The SNP

  1. Seems like they want “the penny and the bun”. What gets me is that if Scotland is that fucking wonderful, how come so many Scots come to England to live and work? Either that or they stir the shit from further afield, like that prize prick Connery. I now strongly regret that they did not vote yes and did us all a favour and fucked off. Still, I suppose “we” have only got ourselves to blame for not sorting out the “West Lothian” question long since.
    As for the manifesto, as far as I'm concerned, they can shove it up their arse.

  2. I agree – but the problem is they're shoving it up OUR arse…

  3. Mick Anderson

    “Sturgeon can have her 'full fiscal autonomy' because this would bring Scotland to its knees and finish her off for good”

    Part of the deal will inevitably be an increase in the subsidy paid by England. We'll also be expected to make up any difference in tax-take when the cost of oil falls below their predictions.

    Mr Miliband will be paying the Danegelt with other peoples money, so he won't care how high the price is.

  4. Surely you can't have full fiscal autonomy AND a subsidy from England? Mind you, this is politicians we're talking about…

  5. “Scotland without English money is a non-starter “


    See you in May.

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  7. There can’t be too much wrong with Scotland for thousands of English over 60s or they wouldn’t come and live here. Never heard one of them say they’d return to live in Englandshire. They vote too and many SNP. I kid you not! 😀

  8. I believe it. In fact, I contemplated living up there myself but my grandchildren are doon sooth… with all the rest of us Tooory bastards 😉

  9. Saint Nicola (Stalin's daughter) is stuck in eighties socialism and class warfare (when she started as a student activist) and has amassed a gaggle of (not very bright/immature) brainwashed followers (sheeple) stuck in a time warp, who are romanticised/fantasised into a fairytale world of everlasting public money.

  10. We don't like her much either. You might find these posts interesting too :