Shitipedia: S is for Selfie Sticks

If you thought that selfies were taken by self obsessed immature twits with no life to speak of and obsessed by their own importance, then you ain’t seen nothing yet…

Now I’m all in favour of the spirit of free enterprise and if people are stupid enough to pay money for tat then that’s up to them but the selfie stick takes this to whole new heights!

It seems that you stick your iPhone (and in my view you can, if you see what I mean) onto the end of an extendable pole to you can take selfies. Hey! That’s cool, right?

Maybe. On the other hand critics have dubbed it the Narcisstick and suggested we might just be too self obsessed. Shurely not!?!? You can’t have too many badly taken picture of yourself after all.

Many public venues have banned them as an irritation and nuisance. And now they’ve released one that you can attach to your iPad or tablet PC presumably with an extra strong handle?

So goodbye iPad wall, hello selfie stick wall. Personally I can’t wait to see your £500 iPad fall off the end of one of these stupid gadgets and smash to pieces on the flagstones or drop into the river. Now that would be really cool!!


6 responses to “Shitipedia: S is for Selfie Sticks

  1. What's an iPhone?

  2. Could be useful for those illicit upskirt shots 🙂

  3. The answer is simple – they do not think, therefore they do not exist
    They keep checking to make sure that they are still there.
    Now me? .
    Cogito ergo sum. -, “I think, therefore I am”, or better “I am thinking, therefore I exist”.

  4. Please, don't put ideas into my head. Hehehe.

  5. You ALWAYS get onje imbicilic, spastic dipshit that thinks giving a “V” sign is amusing.

    Cut their fucking HANDS off, dumm bastards.

  6. How awfully Friday night you are D.

    Are you not aware of the sheer artistic merit of a superb selfie? I mean it's soooo much better than standing there like a prat in front of a mirror, or asking a passer by to snap you in front of some building, just to confirm you've been there.

    Do witness a bucket load of them…. boy do they love themselves!!!!