Manifestos : The Green Party

We continue our review of the election manifestos with the Green Party. You might well have gathered that I’m not a great fan of the Green Party from looking at the picture above, and you’d be right. I will, however, try to remain objective…

Ed Miliband – a man who I’m overly fond of either although it’s mainly because I consider his Shadow Chancellor an economic idiot – summed it up in his speech on Monday when he slagged of the Tories by saying ‘their economic plans made the Green Party look credible’ because, frankly, their plans just don’t add up at all.

According to Natalie Bennett”Austerity has failed and we need a peaceful political revolution to get rid of it. Our manifesto is an unashamedly bold plan to create a more equal, more democratic society while healing the planet from the effects of an unstable, unsustainable economy.” Noble sentiments indeed – but how will the Greens achieve this?

Well, for a start they will renationalise the railways, subsidise rail fares by 10% and fund it by cancelling road building. So the roads get worse, no new ones get built and the drivers are forced into trains which don’t go where they want when they want to go there. In any case, the two figures don’t balance even if you ignore the multi-billion pound cost of nationalisation.

Then there’s free social care for the elderly. Let’s ignore the fact that there aren’t enough people to provide the care. How will we fund that? Well, they’re going to raise the top rate of tax to 60%.

And as well as the top rate tax rise, they propose a 2% extra tax on people ‘worth’ more than £3million although I’m not clear how ‘wealth’ would be defined.

Let’s look at some of their other ideas :

  • Tuition fees will be abolished.
  • The “overall volume” of advertising on TV and newspapers will be controlled and cut, as part of a war on the “materialist and consumption driven culture which is not sustainable”.
  • No more new airports or runways will be built, and existing ones nationalised. So we can’t drive and now we can’t fly – and we still can’t pay for it!
  • Assisted dying will be legalised, and the law on abortion liberalised to allow nurses to carry it out – I might actually support the first part of that plan, but the second? 
  • Britain will leave NATO, end the special relationship with the US, and unilaterally abandon nuclear weapons. They also say there’s no need for a standing army – so we’re totally open to invasion without any means whatsoever of defending ourselves. Plus thousands of servicemen are now unemployed.
  • Increase Overseas Aid by 50% – after all, the Indians and Chinese need our dosh to pay for their space programs…
  • A Green Government will “progressively reduce” border controls, including an amnesty for illegal immigrants after five years – come and live in Britain. Everybody’s welcome!
  • Political parties will be funded by the state, and the electoral system changed – Blimey, that might actually be sensible!
  • The monarchy will be abolished. Why? So we can elect President Bennett?
  • Advertising of holiday flights will be controlled by law to halt the “promotion of a high-carbon lifestyle”. New taxes would be imposed on carriers to reduce passenger numbers. Bye bye tourists!
  • Inheritance tax – “to prevent the accumulation of wealth and power by a privileged class” – will no longer just tax the dead. They want to tax anything you give your kids while you’re alive as well.
  • Welfare benefits will include £72 a week paid to everybody. Regardless. Including all the immigrants that we just threw our borders open to. EU immigration? You ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • Parents will get 2 years paid maternity/paternity leave -Bye bye small businesses!
  • Introduce a financial transaction tax – the very tax that the EU want to introduce to stuff the City of London and that both Labour and Conservatives unreservedly oppose.

And then of course there’s that nasty clean energy that’s produced by those wicked nuclear power stations. We need to replace them with bird mincers and solar panels that only work if the wind is blowing and/or it isn’t dark. So look forward to the lights going out on a still winter’s night.

I’ve tried to be objective, but there’s very little here that makes sense other than in the great Green Party family of man, all pulling together for the good of the planet. Try telling that to ISIS when they march down Whitehall because we’ve opened the borders and disbanded the army.

No, this is a recipe for disaster and the only reason they can peddle this tripe is because they no they have absolutely no chance of forming a government. To paraphrase Ed Miliband, the Green Party make the Monster Raving Looney Party look credible.

Anyone voting for this lot needs their head examined…


2 responses to “Manifestos : The Green Party

  1. This all reminds me of the chap the police arrested for walking up the street with his dick in a biscuit tin because they thought he was fucking crackers. Just about sums up the Green Party.

    As for the manifesto and the proposals it contains – pure fantasy. The reassuring thing is that there is no chance of any of it being implemented.

    I do not understand their obsession with railways. I freely admit that I loathe the bloody things. As far as I'm concerned, they may as well argue for a return to canal use as a means of mass transportation. Railways are an out dated, outmoded, expensive waste of space as far as passengers are concerned. They are only a viable alternative where very heavy freight needs to be moved from point to point. Nobody ever questions the impact on the environment from their construction, or the fact that they use either diesel or huge amounts of electricty as their power source. Just how many solar panels or bird mincers would it need to run the rail network?

    When it comes to their views on energy supply, it's the sort of airy fairy nonsense that infants might spout. A number of leading physicists are confidently predicting the advent of nuclear fusion generation. The first fussion generator is due to finish its construction phase in 2019, with output expected by 2027. If successful it will herald a new age in energy supply, being both clean and safe.
    I've often wondered if the word Green was chosen based on this dictionary definition;
    immature in age or judgment; untrained; inexperienced?

  2. I agree with the lad above, Mr Eyesaqwnt. In New Zealand we have an elected green MP. May the Lord protect us from more of these obsessive bastards. I trained as an ecologist many years ago, so I am aware of the issues. The problem is, these dizzy bastards would make us subservient to an economic model which is unrealistic and not achievable. And they call the UKIP a one trick pony. Frankly, it makes me want to burn stuff.