It’s a burden being right…

Don’t get me wrong – I actually like a good conspiracy theory. They give me immense pleasure if only for the amusement factor that the most ridiculous of them present.

My regular reader will know that I believe in free speech and that I have been critical in the past of sites like Spivey, Max Farquar and thecolemanexperience that censor moderate comments that don’t agree with them.

Well, here we go again. There’s an article called Pheonix Rising at thecolemanexperience that’s basically the bloke talking up his own importance by hyping up the persecution that he’s been suffering from at the hands of the dark agents of the establishment. It’s all bollocks, so I thought I say so. I can’t help it. It’s that free speech thing again. 

Above is what I wrote. And I was right.

It’s a terrible burden…


14 responses to “It’s a burden being right…

  1. They say that “curiosity killed the cat”. I could not resist clicking on the link. I've no idea what the blogger was on about – something about “child abuse” I assume? I read about 20 comments, and they all seemed to be in the same vein i.e. in total agreement with the author, there were none taking an opposing view. The guy does come across as a bit of a fantasist. As I am not willing to waste my time reading through his past articles I'm not any wiser as to the nature of the persecution he claims to have been subjected to. However, I am in full agreement with you Dioclese regarding free speech. The internet has provided the ideal platform for thousands of nut cases, it's a bit like Hyde Park corner on steroids. Some of them are amusing, some of them rather disturbing. In blog land it's just a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff.

  2. Likewise (and I wish I hadn't). What a pile of delusional arse dribble.

  3. I think your ” full of shit” comment got deleted cos:

    “Refusal to finance a platform for thugs to spew their venomous bile does not constitute censorship.

    Financing a platform constitutes support……try posting again and you are a troll.

    Tis how it is…..many squirms get used by vain heads up arses blog hosts….that squirm belongs to”Counting Cats in Zanzibar”

    I have been deleted many times without one word of “you are full of shit (not counting cats…I wont post if I read a squirm on a blog)” but by the truth , facts and awkward questions which are especially hard for blog hosts to accept because pen friends/fans won't dare cross the line and make such comments…opposing views just don't occur on many blogs that have been going for years.

    Conspiracy theory nutters are the worst…..the cul followers huddle together around the blog host like feral staffies growling and snapping at one hint of an “opposing view”….smoking denial/lawful rebellion/ UFO loonies are amongst the worst.


  4. I think 'full of shit' just summed him up nicely. God alone knows who he thinks he is other than very, very important…..and mad as a box of frogs!

    These people have to invent their lives as superior because frankly they're nobody in reality, I suspect

  5. People tell me I'm full of shit all the time, but I don't censor them out – I just say same to you, matey!

  6. Definitely mad as a box of frogs.

  7. What would come as no surprise to me if I could be bothered to follow the coleman experience is how long the saga of the brothers in arms and those who will get ” what’s fucking coming to them, it's only a matter of time” mularky gets played out without a hint of any questions about when/how/facts and all that stuff from the blogs devoted followers….they suck it in and praise him up and keep chanting the blogs catchphrase “tick tock”…55 thoughts/replies on that thread alone daren't ask any questions.

    My question would be to the comment: ” we’ve witnessed filth and depravation the like of which you could never imagine”….name somebody now, why haven't you called the police/what are the facts and proof?…and then repeat questions like that.

    I know the answer!!…fuck off troll.

    Been there and done that , I can't be arsed anymore…Lawful rebellion is the same shit, same style, same moronic followers who daren't question the cult leaders.

    The only game to play on the Coleman experience is pretend to be a tooled up brother in arm on secret missions behind enemy lines…..perhaps stories like spying on the chip stalls in Great Yarmouth market and the satanic rituals that take place every day which has links to very top of government and of course Prince phillip.


  8. Yea, I've put comments on the site, but for some reason they never seem to appear. Mr Eyesqwnt, I like you comment: 'Hyde Park Corner on steroids'. Mind if I nick it?

  9. No problem Mr Flaxen Saxon, I'd be honoured. Glad you like it.

  10. There are so many comments by acolytes, mindlessly agreeing with the drivel. Either they're all in the same school year as “coleman” – I'd guess year 8 – or perhaps they're all written by him/her as well.

  11. This mindlessy agreeing mularky is replicated on many many blogs and is the complete opposite to real life where if those allegations Coleman made were told to real friends /colleagues/family he would have nothing but questions directed at him….in blogland its all perverted and daft avoidance of normal human interaction due to pen friends /backslapping/blogrolls and stats porn.

    Coleman is just another nutter in hiding protecting his identity whilst making up any allegations he chooses without proof or having to answer questions about it….his noose and Big Ben avatar thing is the same old shit.

    Have a look at his “about” page….yeah of course there aint nothing about him….have a look at his answers to replies which are “cheers” “thanks” and no replies to any questions about contacing him, infact of the hanfull of threads I checked…he dosen't even respond to any comments.

    I did notice this gem of a comment on his last thread.

    Anonymous Lightworker:

    “Has anyone noticed how often, often BBCNews24 presenters , and guests too, wear red and black in different combinations? It was getting so frequent I’m sure they realised and toned it down. Then its started back up again.
    They wear satanic colours, its a satanic, red themed channel. And I don’t think theyre doing it for the fun of it either. I think these occultists get some benefit, from viewers mental energy seeing colours, and symbols
    Not to mention the hypnotic trance like intro graphics for BBCNews24.
    It’s a scum channel, it has to be said. And that’s not letting other channels of the hook”

    Loved that one.

    I think I might just pop in and make shit up myself on The Coleman Experience

    Thanks for the link Dioclese.


  12. Partially correct. When I have a rant in real life with colleagues and friends, I am merely voicing what they are thinking, so the blog is merely voicing what many people are thinking if not saying out loud. However, the comment you quote is an example of the delusional thinking behind conspiraloons. They have God on their side and the cockwaffle about satanic colours is amusing if these loons weren't so serious.

    If you look, you will see reference to the Illuminati. I'd have been disappointed if there wasn't…

  13. Having a rant is another thing altogether between friends or on a blog.

    The Colemanexperience makes allegations and promises galore….this would not be ignored in real life.

    Smoking denial is another blog only with total acceptance from followers….these denialists are in hiding and will not utter one word of it on the media.

    Lawful Rebellion is also full of promises without ever producing factual evidence of such claims…yet again the leaders get hero worship with no questions asked.

    Blogland and the cosy culture of backslapping, blogroll adding, twitter following, facebook friends etc with no opposing views, blog host is always right and if he is not then for fucks sake keep quiet about it makes a mockery of “blogging” as being real or relevant especially as most blog hosts won't even admit which county they live in let alone identify themselves

    Blogging is nothing like the lobbying, straightforward talking , no nonsense, freedom fighting warrior detectives defending good against evil that some blog hosts style themsleves as.

    Its full of perverted bullshit where vanity rules.


  14. The Coleman Experience has all the indicators of conspiracy theory – the call to God, the paranoia and so on. However, the lack of a name – whether through anonymity or pseudonymous is neither here nor there. I've been contacted by these types because I tend to debunk their theories, having experience in incident management, and they have been happy enough to use their real names.