Lookalikes : Arthur Askey

Askey                                                       Brains

Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between that well loved comedian, big hearted Arthur Askey, and the New Thunderbirds’ Brains?

Perhaps they are both computer generated?

I think we should be told…


5 responses to “Lookalikes : Arthur Askey

  1. Have you been reading too many Flaxon Saxon posts about Askey 😀 although I have to admit there is more than a passing resemblance.

  2. I do try to keep my Flaxen haired friend happy, Kath…

  3. Mr D, I do believe you are becoming obsessed with Arthur 'no arse' Askey. You know this will end in complete madness……..

  4. What do you mean 'will end'? I thought I already was…

  5. Accept it with joy. Being crazy is the only thing that keeps me sane.