Another BBC fudge…

Top Gear is dead. Long live Top Gear…!

News this week that after the BBC ceremoniously dismissed Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear Live 2015 will not be happening. But hang on a minute… haven’t we sold loads of tickets and booked the venues? Indeed we have. Can’t let all those petrolheads down. We might get sued. We might have to give the money back. We might not make loadsa dosh! Can’t have that…

So Top Gear Live is cancelled. In it’s place will be ‘Clarkson, Hammond and May Live’. It’s nothing to do with Top Gear. You can tell because all the Top Gear branding has been removed and all reference to the BBC purged. It’s definitely not Top Gear. Oh, no! Definitely not!

Well call me cynical, but I believe in the Universal Rule. This states “No matter what you call it, shit is still shit”, and this definitely a great big steaming mountain of shit.

Come on BBC. Don’t make out that you’ve sacked the bloke and then work around the problem by calling it something else. We’re not stupid. Well most of us anyway. And we can see through the ruse so why are you bothering?

Well, a BBC spokesman called it “a sensible approach in the circumstances” and said it had agreed the tour could continue “so as to not disappoint fans”. A bit like suggesting that the 1,000,000 fans who signed that petition wouldn’t be disappointed by Clarkson being sacked, isn’t it?

A spokesman for Brand Events, who are co-producing the shows, said they wanted to thank “ticket holders for their continued patience”. “The fans are the most important people to Jeremy, Richard and James so we’re delighted to be able to say ‘we’re still coming’. We’re sure it’ll be something you won’t want to miss.”

So just to clarify : The BBC have sacked Clarkson and not sacked him at the same time. The BBC will stand to make loadsa dosh. The BBC will be sued by Brand Events if they cancel. The BBC is able to disappoint and not disappoint Top Gear fans at the same time.

The BBC are clever bastards to pull off a trick like this. Well, no actually. They’re just a load of money grubbing hypocritical arseholes…


9 responses to “Another BBC fudge…

  1. Typical BBC bullshit and back peddling, not surprised by this turn of events.

  2. rapscallion

    Nothing surprises me anymore, and to be fair it hasn't done for some time. I expect Al Beeb to pull this sort of stunt – it's what they do FFS. They are insitutionally incapable of telling the truth.

  3. oooh smug sneering twats live with fast cars going fast, and more fast cars and some fast expensive cars and possibly cheap fast cars. and an audience full of grinning morons whose hobby is cleaning cars mixed in with anger and jealousy cos their neighbour has an even better car and its fucking flithy all year.

    aint that the truth.


  4. On this issue I find myself in total agreement with Rickie. I'd love to see the end of the BBC. but I won't be holding my breath on that one. No doubt if any government ever had the balls to break up the corporation, we would end up with something far worse in its place, and a large number of new multi-millionaires, all former BBC managers. Bastards the lot of 'em.

  5. Hypocrisy akimbo. And we should appear to be shocked?


  7. Thank you for deep and incisive analysis…

  8. Mr D, you have attracted the Great Western Philospher to your esteemed site. Feel honoured and humble. Aaaaaaaaarse.

  9. I have always thought that the bigger the car the smaller the penis…?