LAB/SNP – The cat’s out of the bag…

Well, I can’t say that I’m actually surprised to read in this morning’s Daily Fail that the contents of a document leaked to the press have revealed that Miliband has done a deal with Nicola Sturgeon to form a coalition government.

The leaked SNP document contains details of the concessions offered to the SNP in return for propping up Labour, prime amongst which are greater devolved tax raising powers for Scotland and the guarantee of a second independence referendum in 2019 in which Labour will agree ‘not to oppose’ a ‘Yes’ vote.

Labour will offer the SNP seats at the cabinet table and agreement over economic and welfare policies before they are announced to the public. One SNP official has been reported as saying that ‘we are looking for no more than we were promised if we decided to stay in the United Kingdom and are asking for no more than the Liberal Democrats were offered in the current coalition government.’

Labour have refused to confirm that any agreement has been reached with the SNP – although they have not gone so far as to deny it either. A source close to Ed Miliband has commented : ‘It makes sense for Ed to hedge his bets in relation to Scotland. He knows that the Labour vote will be wiped out north of the border and to deny the SNP a seat at the top table would mean he won’t be able to command a majority.’

Labour’s Ed Balls said ‘We are not entertaining any formal alliance with the SNP or any other party for that matter. We still believe we can win an overall majority.’ Given that the SNP would have a veto on economic policy under the agreement, he would say that wouldn’t he?

This document does prove one thing though – you can’t trust a single word politicians tell you when it comes to elections…

( You can read the full details of this sorry tale by clicking here )


12 responses to “LAB/SNP – The cat’s out of the bag…

  1. This is one of the most disturbing and terrifying prospects facing the UK for years, much, much worse than the prospect of a Kinock or Michael Foot led Labour government. I just hope and pray that some other result is returned come polling day.
    The time has come for an English Parliament dealing with English issues, with the caveat that in order to stand one must be at least a third generation ENGLISH born person. But of course, as soon as one suggests such a notion, one is automatically branded a Nazi – it's perfectly okay to be a Welsh Nationalist or a Scottish Nationalist, but heaven help you if you claim to be an English Nationalist.

  2. rapscallion

    It doesn't surprise me in the least Dioclese. These scum have been lying so often and for so long, I don't think they would recognise truth if it bit their arses. I think its going to be inevitable that the UK will break up – the most successful political union in the history of the world. The press say that should a Lab/SNP coalition come to pass then the English will be up in arms. I'm not so sure anymore. As a colleague of mine said earlier “They've lost their fighting spirit”, I'd like to think him wrong, but I suspect he may well be right. The majority of unthinking. tribal-voting, benefit-scrounging ne'er do wells will just shrug their shoulders because it doesn't affect them personally. They don't give a f**k you see. As long as they can have their beer, take-away's and mindless pap on the goggle box, they're happy as pigs in shit. Bread and circuses eh mate. Wot did the Romans ever do for us eh?

  3. rapscallion

    Well that rules me out then Eyesaqwnt. By your criteria I would not be able to stand for Parliament on account of having a foreign parent. The other parent's lineage I can trace back to having lived in these islands since 1089. Hey Ho !

  4. As you know I have been saying this would happen for some months now, It was the worst kept secret in politics since the MSM broke the shock news that Millipede was “unpopular”.
    As you are also aware I have hypothesised that this has all been carefully orchestrated by Salmond and Sturgeon since his stepping down as SNP leader this was always plan B if they lost the referendum.

  5. You're right. 'English Nationalist' is regarded as a dirty expression – but it's alright for the rest of them. I'm not BNP or EDL, but we should have English votes on English issues and our our assembly.parliament. whatever you want to cal it.

    The reason we don't is that the Fourth Reich regards the UK as too big an administrative area so insists that it it broken down. Rather than our gutless government of all colours tell them to get stuffed we fudged the issue. As a result Scotland, Ulster and Wales are regarded as small enough to be distinct areas based on population/area, but England is too big – so it had to be split up. As a result they invented Regional Development Authorities which are, effectively, the several English assemblies.

    Result : No English Assembly because it's too big FFS and lot of tax money pissed up the wall on Authorities which do nothing but keep the Brussels Bureaucrats happy.

    That's why there's no English Parliament and. as Michael Caine so admirably put it, not a lot of people know that…

  6. I served in the Royal Navy, ( and Merchant), on HMS Conqueror during the Falklands War. If Labour/SNP get in, do you think the Argentine government will forgive me and let me emigrate?

  7. “The reason we don't is that the Fourth Reich regards the UK as too big an administrative area so insists that it it broken down.”

    I can't quite understand that at all. If the UK is too big surely then so is Germany, especially since re-unification. Too big in what terms? Population? Land area? If so then quite a few of the EU member states should be broken up.

  8. I fear you are spot on with those observations rapscallion.

  9. Germany is a federal country with independent states like the USA I believe. Each state has it's legislature overseen by federal government. I'm sure Furor Teutonicus will correct me if that's not so?

  10. So none of you clicked the link or noticed the date then…?

  11. Yes, but it's sadly all too believable – these shits would sell their own grandmothers for votes.

  12. I think I hate April fool's day more than Comic Relief, Red Nose Day and Children In Need combined – the bollocks is everywhere – and yes, I don't have a sense of humour!