There are 50,500,000 adults in the UK.
1,000,000 people signed a petition demanding that the BBC reinstate Jeremy Clarkson.
The other 49,500,000 couldn’t give flying fuck.
And I’m one of them…

8 responses to “Clarkson

  1. Me too! My estimation of the total UK population, that is the number of people here at the moment of all ages, is nearer 90,000,000. I would suggest that of the 1,000,000 signing the daft petition many would not be considered adults, and we don't know how many were non UK residents.
    It boils my piss that in various ways people who are not obliged to buy a UK TV licence can with impunity watch our “glorious” BBC for free. NOT that I'm defending the TV licence, I think it's an affront in this day and age and constitutes a “viewing tax”, the sole beneficiary of which is that dreadful organisation known as the BBC.
    As for Clarkson, I really, really, really coudn't give a Monkey's toss. What I would say is that if I'd ever punched a co-worker I know I would have faced instant dismissal if not a court appearance as well.

  2. At least the daft bugger expresses a free opinion in a free society. But you can't be thumping folk at work, unless you work in heavy industry. Middle class folk would not be amused.

  3. Well the twat has gone leaving the tyre kicking Halfords gear knob fondling morons looking for another smug piss taking twat to take the piss out of brake horse power and cruise control.

    My signature goes on the petition to have Alan Partridge and his leather driving gloves as the new hero for Top Gear….show car fanciers for what they are….boring daft arses that think tinted windows and big exhausts mean they have right of way on the roads that also take up valuable parking spaces for hours at a time in the KFC drive thru in Norwich with loud music accompanying the engine running.

    The odd thing that has always struck me about men that wander around Halfords worrying themselves about car floor mats with metal trimming on Sunday mornings is they usually have good looking girlfriends/wives with them……its sort of annoying watching some pillock swinging a car mat around his head holding it up against the light to check the exact colour of dark grey with a blonde bimbo next to him trying to look interested.


  4. WE get a lot of BBC here. But then, we pay a licence fee. (GEZ) If they actualy get any of that, I do not know, but they are not selling them to German T.V for a bag of peanuts and fuck all.

  5. AS to Clarkson, I think he's O.K. What DOES piss me off, no matter HOW low, as a percentage of the population, the vote for him was, we are talking about a shower of BBC shit bags who on other occassions have stopped programmes because of ONE complaint!

    THAT is the “story” here, as I see it.

  6. 90 million maybe – but I did say 'adults' although these days it's getting harder to tell the difference…

  7. I reckon the 'fracas' thing is a false flag attack to get rid of Clarkson. Ask Spivey. He'll know…

  8. Loved the 'Top Sneer' post over at your place!