Stick a pie in it, Prescott!

Seems Lord Prezza has been opening his big fat mouth and sticking his foot in it – which makes a change from just stuffing food in it, I suppose…

Prezza reckons that Britain is to blame for radicalising young Muslims into joining ISIS. The former deputy prime minister said the country should ‘face up to the fact’ that it had somehow pushed already devout youngsters into the throngs of extremism. He added if he was a young Muslim in Britain today, he too ‘could be radicalised’ because of ‘injustice’ in Gaza and US drone strikes in Syria.

Personally, I find it staggering that a former high ranking government official and now a hypocritical incumbent on the Labour benches in the Lords could have such a distorted and simplistic understanding of world affairs and international politics.

He was also quick to condemn Tony Blair’s entry into the war in Iraq – totally neglecting to mention that he was a senior member of the cabinet at the time and unlike Jack Straw decided that it wan’t enough of a matter of principle to resign as a result.

Stick another pie in your gob, Prezza. At least it will stop you talking bullshit for a while…


7 responses to “Stick a pie in it, Prescott!

  1. Ah yes, that hypocritical fat bar steward Prescott. Don't you just love him? Well, er, no actually. If anything I think I despise him even more than I despise Blair or the one eyed Scottish snot gobbler. At least they didn't try to pretend that they were just ordinary working class lads who eschewed the trappings of power.

    Fatty Prescott will be remembered as the Deputy Prime Minister who had a two year affair with his secretary, and when it was revealed, refused to give up his grace-and-favour country residence at Dorneywood. This is also the guy who did not face charges after punching a protester in the face.

    Let's face it he's just a fat slob who got promoted way beyond any abilities he posesses. His only real talent is for being first in the queu at any passing trough. One of his opponents once told him to “get stuffed” then paused and continued “oh I'm sorry I see you already are, to your maximum extent!”

  2. Keith Vaz (shudder) is also flogging this dead horse today, I expect that from Vaz, but Prezza (2 jags) has always been a first class A1 twat so not really too surprised.

  3. Presclot manages to encapsulate all my hatreds in one body. He has the sort of globular face that one would never tire of punching. He (it) perfectly symbolises everything that is wrong with Britain. If one were ungracious, one would call him a c**t, but you know c**ts are useful, sought after, and much desired – so the complete opposite of 10 bellies Presclott.

  4. XX Prezza reckons that Britain is to blame for radicalising young Muslims ……he too 'could be radicalised' because of 'injustice' in Gaza and US drone strikes in Syria.XX

    He DOES realise that neither Israel NOR the U.S are Britain, does he not?

    Of course, that does not really mean anything. The suidaephobes are so imbicilicaly thick, that the ended up burning Swedish and Swiss flags over a cartoon in DENMARK. Geography does NOT appear to be their strong point.

  5. You must always qualify the C word to avoid confusion with desirable ones. I usually add “useless” or “diseased”.

  6. More useless c**ts!

  7. Once had the pleasure of refusing to serve Lady Prescott. “Do you know who I am?” she demanded.

    “No,” I replied. “You've not had the courtesy ti introduce yourself!”