Not telling the whole story…

Here we go again! As the election progresses and in the interest of telling the whole story about political bias and the ‘Let’s get UKIP’ campaign, I was interested to hear Nigel Farage being interviewed on Sky News over the weekend…

I was particularly interested in his riposte to Gillian Joseph who was trying to ram home the misfortunes experienced by some of his candidates over the last week. There was MEP and prospective Parliamentary candidate Janice Atkinson who stood down after one of her staff was caught trying to defraud expenses. Then there was Stephen Howd, prospective MP for Scunthorpe, suspended pending a probe into a workplace “incident”. And Jonathan Stanley quit as a candidate for Westmorland and Lonsdale, claiming there was “open racism and sanctimonious bullying” inside UKIP.

Farage has had better weeks and you will notice that although I support UKIP and will be voting for them in May, I am not holding back in naming and shaming these individuals. But Farage had a point in his response that the media in general are quick to expose UKIP’s scandals, but very slow to comment on the other parties when they hit problems.

This week we heard about Afzal Amin’s scandalous behaviour, but what about Tory peer Lord Green and his tax dodging or the Rifkind cash for access row? And whilst we’re at it that involved Jack Straw as well. Disappeared from the media rather quickly didn’t it? And there’s also a rumour going around at the moment of a major sex scandal involving prominent politicians which, if you believe the usual conspiracy theorists, is being suppressed until after the election.

I’ve not got over the David Laws scandal in the LibDems either. The bugger was kicked out and then brought back in through the back door after we’d forgotten all about it. That’s the real scandal, not kicking him out in the first place.

No, they’ve all got skeletons on the cupboard, but I’m inclined to go with Farage when he says we don’t get to hear about them – or at least not as promptly,  prominently and repeatedly as we do about UKIP.

The powers that be manipulating the media? Shurely not…


3 responses to “Not telling the whole story…

  1. Whilst I agree entirely with your observations, it's not really worth getting too worked up over. In fact the campaign to smeer UKIP could very easily backfire on those running it. Although for a large part the electorate are quite dumb, I don't think many who intend voting for UKIP will be detered by these tactics. I guess as we get nearer to polling day these sorts of “revelations” will increase. The one big thing in Farage's favour is that of all the current party leaders he's the one that's got that very valuable quality, charisma. These mud slingers need too be careful, after all those who live in glasshouses should be very wary of throwing stones.

    Off topic completely, I'm back on my comments “hobby horse”. I'm wondering whether you'd get more comments if it was possible to make comments directly under the main article, if that makes sense. Maybe it's not obvious to me because I'm not getting here via one of the social media sites. I come here from the main website address – I see the main articles, but if I want to comment I have to scroll down the page and click on the blog archive link for that particular article – or am I missing something? The recent comments thing is okay but, in my opinion, not as obvious as a comment button under the main article.

  2. The easily led arn't going to be voting for UKIP anyway, but i think those on the fence who might be persuaded to vote for them can see straight through this anti campaign and it might even be the straw (not the one one for sale) that confirms their support.

    Brits don't like bullies one bit, nor do they like being taken for fools, i hope the sound of backfiring can be heard loud and clear on polling day.


  3. I'd have replied earlier but I've been in Malta for the past week!

    The blog doesn't really have a front page, it just lists all the articles one after the other and you can scroll down forever. I thought about having a summary front page, but the one's I've seen done like that I don't really like to be honest.

    The most recent comments appear on the RHS and the Twatter widget also picks them up and scrolls although it does truncate the comment. The bit.yl link on the Twatter widget will take you directly to the appropriate article…