Plaid who?

OK, so at least the great debate about how we have a great debate has been settled at last – but I still have one great big burning question about the whole thing. What exactly are the Welsh Nationalists being included?

Now, I can understand why the Conservatives, Labour, the Lib Dems, UKIP and the Greens are being included because they are nation wide parties – and by ‘nation’ I mean the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to give it its full and correct title. I might even be forced to include the SNP at a pinch even thought they fail the first criterion because after they have devastated the Labour vote in Scotland they just might be a major part of Westminster and propping up any semblance of government we have after May. Only maybe, mind you…

But Plaid Cymru? FFS! This is a party that finished in fourth place in the European elections in Wales. Not in the UK, in WALES! Even their our people didn’t vote for them and let’s remember that the Euros were held un proportional representation.

This is a principality – not a country, but a principality – that opted not for a full parliament but for a fudged assembly. This is party that insists on having interpreters in its assembly to translate everything into a dead language, Welsh, even though every single person present speaks perfect English. This is a party that has nothing meaningful to offer, has no chance whatsoever of ever holding the balance of power, has a massive inferiority complex and chip on its shoulder, has limited control over policy even in Wales, and is unlikely to ever get a majority in Wales, let alone in the UK as a whole.

So why the fuck are they taking place in a seven way debate? UK debates should be limited to UK wide parties. The Scots should have a separate debate. The Welsh should have a separate debate. The Northern Irish are having a separate debate. In fact the only part of the UK not having a separate debate is England.

The Ulstermen threatened a legal challenge for exclusion in the debate. In my view, if the Welsh are included then they are quite right. If you’re going to let these nonentities in, then you should let all the nonentities in.

Pishu bant!


7 responses to “Plaid who?

  1. Yet another astonishing example of how the “right on” PC brigade is only too happy to bend over backwards to appease a nasty vociferous minority. Maybe they are worried that if they don't include the Welsh Nationalists, otherwise known as the Sons Of Owen Gledower, the slogan “come home to a real fire” might take on an entirely new meaning when they visit their holiday cottages. That is if they haven't already been involved in a serious road accident when being distracted by confusing traffic signs in two languages.
    Cachau bant the lot of 'em.

  2. Well it's all about being inclusive an unbiased these days isn't it and I dare say had the Welsh not been included there would have been screams of racism.

  3. I heard rumblings that the parties submitting candidates for MEPs may, in future, have to be parties represented in several EU countries. This could effectively prohibit some parties e.g. UKIP from fielding candidates. So, as I would wish minority parties be represented in EU elections, perhaps it is important that minor parties be represented in these UK debates. To exclude them could be the thin end of the wedge.

  4. Why's that then Kath? Are the Taffies a separate race ? or is there something I've missed 🙂

    Strictly speaking Dioclese, the four nations that constitute the UK are. well, nations. The UK itself is a State. In much the same way that Lithuania was a constituent part of the Soviet Union. Just saying 🙂

  5. I am talking from “their” perspective, like the Scots they consider themselves separate and a minority and more important because of their minority status! 😉

  6. Have the suidaephobes set up a party yet?

    That could be interesting to have them in the debate as well. The faces on the pthers would be a picture in itsself watching them trying to be ever so politicaly correct, and not offending, whilst trying not to look to their voters as if they are mere Dhimmis.

  7. The Welsh are a minor 'nation' totally unable to deal with the fact that they really are not that important…