More Shite the Union…

My regular reader will have figured out by now that I am not a great admirer of Len McCluskey who is, in my humble opinion, little better than a third world bully boy dictator.

Back in July ’13 I wrote a piece about democracy and the Unions concerning an attempt to build Unite cells in Labour constituencies – a short of pyramid selling scheme only for activists not salesmen.

Then in November the same year, I wrote a piece called ‘When is a union not a union?’ – answer : when it cares more about personal power and political influence than it does about the wishes of it’s members!

Now rewind to March 2012 and the great Olympic Fiasco. Here comes unite again, a bunch of opportunist bastards when McCluskey urged his members and the other unions to use the games as, in his words, ‘a leverage point’ to fight the government’s austerity measures.

And then as the games drew near, Unite urged it’s members to take strike action to force through an Olympic sizes bung to cover all their extra workload. What fucking extra workload, I asked, A bus is a bus, a train is a train. Just a bunch of greedy bastards out for themselves and fuck the country!

And let’s not forget the petrol tanker drivers strike of April 2012 and the manipulation of Miliband by Unite. Did Red Ed condemn the strike. Of course not. And naturally that had nothing to do with the £115,000 that Unite donated to him to help his leadership campaign. Of course, not. Perish the thought!

Then in July 2012, Unite called on the government to keep the uneconomic Coryton refinery open when it went bust, just to keep it’s members in work. I wasn’t unsympathetic to the plight of the workers, but threatening industrial action when you’re already out of work is just not in the real world.

So let’s fast forward back tot he present day and the forthcoming general election. The Conservatives have said that they want to introduce legislation to force unions to have a predefined quorum in strike ballots. This is only right and proper as the majority should not be force to strike by a non-representaive minority of activists. If you can’t produce a 50% turnout in a strike ballot then, IMHO, you shouldn’t be allowed to call a strike.

Now I know what you’re going to say. The government gets elected with less than a 50% turnout so why shouldn’t the unions work the same way. You have a point but I would argue that two wrongs don’t make a right. See my previously published views on electoral reform. You might even argue that such a situation makes Cameron a hypocrite. I wouldn’t argue against that either.

But what is really getting my piss boiling is McCluskey’s announcement last week that is such balloting legislation is introduced into law, then he will ignore it. Think about that for a minute. He – will – ignore – the – law!

So here’s the real question – who runs the country? The duly elected government of the day or the Unions? Not only is Unite the biggest Labour Party contributor and not only does it openly boast that they put Miliband in the job, but now they are saying that that the law will not apply to them.

So in May, never mind the ‘Vote UKIP get Labour’ Tory bollocks – how about ‘Vote Miliband, get McCluskey

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you…


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  1. “But what is really getting my piss boiling is McCluskey's announcement last week that is such balloting legislation is introduced into law, then he will ignore it. Think about that for a minute. He – will – ignore – the – law!”

    Bring it on I say. Sequester all the union's assets and throw McCluskey in prison, after all. it worked for Magie.

    “Not only is Unite the biggest Labour Party contributor and not only does it openly boast that they put Miliband in the job………..”

    Not exactly much to boast about is it?

  2. True – but Sky News this morning was doing it's usual pointless election prediction. They reckon the Lib Dems will get 12 seats and UKIP 2 despite UKIP getting 2.5 times the share of the vote. Kinda makes the case for PR doesn't it?

    And then they happily proclaim that the SNP will get 53 seats and the only viable coalition would be Lab/SNP. It that's true, we're truly fucked. But at least I'll be OK because interest rates will rocket and I'll get a decent income again!!! So it's not all bad. Or is it? Arse!

  3. Well, WTF did you expect from Channel 4 Dioclese ?? If Lab/SNP form the next government (and I think they will btw), then the UK is finished. It will happen sooner or later anyway; the referendum last year saw to that. That's the problem when you open Pandora's box. Talk about the law of unintended consequences!!

    I see the usual lefty scum are crowing about attacking Farage yesterday. What's the betting that if Millibrain and his family were attacked by say EDL members the papers would be all over it like a bad rash. Double standards anyone ?

    PS – As much as I loathe “Call me Dave”, Millipede and the Cleggeron, attacking their families is absolutely not on. It's not right.

  4. I'.probably wrong, I usually am, but I don't buy into this Labour SNP alliance. My gut feeling is that UKIP will get somewhere between 10 and 20 seats. The Liberals, SDP, whatever they call themselves these days, will become almost exticnt. Maybe UKIP could form a coallition with the Conservatives. After all, there must still be many Conservative MP's who secretly support UKIP's main aim. With the economy seemingly starting to recover I can't quite understand why the Conservatives would loose seats to Labour, unless the Conservatives are alone blamed for the rise in imigration.
    As for looking forward to higher interest rates on you savings under a Labour SNP government, don't forget that interest rates plumetted during the Blair Brown years.

  5. I see your point and its a difficult call to make, seeing how its all in the pot nowadays. The issue here (as ever) is one of tribal voting, so Labour and the Tories in England will by and large vote as they've always voted with some from each camp voting for UKIP. Some Labour will vote Green/DimLib. In Jockland all bets are off. All indications are that SNP will wipe out Labour. The DImLibs will crash. I'm not so sure UKIP will win between 10 & 20 seats. I would like them to you understand, but I do think they'll come 2nd in a LOT of constituencies, which bodes well for 2020. Cameron will not have enough MPs from other parties to form a coalition and given the shambles of our electoral system the inbuilt advantage to Labour will be telling. Labour alone will not have an overall majority and thus they will be left to join with SNP and form a coalition. What was that Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times” Interesting it certainly is. I fear the outcome though.

  6. Eyesasquint XX With the economy seemingly starting to recover I can't quite understand why the Conservatives would loose seats to Labour, unless the Conservatives are alone blamed for the rise in imigration.XX

    Becazse as time goes by,I become ever more and more v´convinced that the voting scum do not link what they vore for with what actualy happens in the country.

    They appear to have an “Interface disconect.”

    They could be all getting paid a grand a week due to successful Conservative policys (This is THEORY! I am not supporting one side or the other in this…. except I HATE the fucking commy bastards (In which I include Commyron!), and the Greens (same thing really,) And they would STILL cut their noses to spite their faces and vote Labour, because “those tory bastards once bailed out a bank.”

    The unwashed masses are basically imbiciles, and, on the day, will vote for someone because they like his tie. Bugger the fact he wants to cut the army to the bone, then invade Mongolia, or something.

    They do not DESERVE to be trusted with a vote.

  7. Interesting FT. Yes, there are a lot of entrenched voters – like the Welsh who will never vote Tory because Churchill once put the army down the mines over half a century ago FFS. I'll never vote Labour but otherwise I'll float. As you say, some people are just stupid – most Unite members for example – and then there's the students who have had no life experience and frankly understand fuck all about anything except that they thing the country owes them a living.

    I met a girl a while back horrified that she couldn't afford a house next door to her parents on a single income and couldn't get a job in her own town because her degree was in something that didn't exist in that town. This is just plain stupid.

    (1) My generation couldn't afford to stay in the same town as our parents so we moved out and commuted.
    (2) We got engaged, saved, married and then bought a house. We never could afford it on one income so what's new?
    (3) She knew there were no jobs in her field when she decided on the degree.

    The yoof of today expect it all on a plate together with instant gratification. They're thick as too short bricks most of them and totally out of touch with reality.

    God help us if they lower the voting age to 16 – especially as the stupid buggers will predominantly vote Labour or Green. Like I said, no life experience…

  8. If labour get in giving 16 year olds the vote is a done deal, assuring continuance.
    My sister in law is a hyper socialist, of the red rose on a pig fraternity, She and her partner both worked part time and were always complaining that they were short of money and in debt. I suggested a solution for them, get full time jobs and work yourselves out of trouble. The suggestion was met with utter derision. We work more than 40 hours a week between us and should be able to live as would like to on this amount of effort.

  9. 40 hours a week?!?! Bloody luxury!! Like I said, totally out of touch with reality. Been nowhere, know it all. As Freddy Mercury once put it so well “I want it all and I want it now!”

    When I was self employed, my minimum working week was 55-60 and often more especially when on a Monday-Friday commute and working the other end of the country. I worked bloody hard and was paid accordingly – retiring at 52. I expected nothing for nothing and that's exactly what I got.

    The modern work ethic is appalling, and I blame the welfare state in general and Labour in particular. If I was Chancellor, I'd restrict child benefit to the first child and half it if you had a second. We're overbreeding and it has to stop. Single parents get a state funded abortion or bugger all benefits if they keep it. Harsh? Maybe – but also necessary.

    And while we're at it, Brussels can shove it's Human Rights Convention where the sun don;t shine…

  10. Whilst “Red Len” may currently parade around the place at the moment like an invincible heavyweight boxer with a 14″ penis, somehow I feel quite sure that should he incite and enable mass scale public disorder he will quickly lose his bravado after a few nights in the cells.

    You see that's the thing about people like Len, he's more than happy to pressure his pet monkey members to self sacrifice thier careers and obtain criminal records in the name of the cause whilst he sits, like a WW1 General 32 miles from the front lines enjoying all the trappings of his £140,000 salary and perks package.

    If you make him personally responsible for what he does (and maybe a small recovery from his enormous wealth under the proceeds of crime act) then he'll toe the requirements of the law better than a crufts trained puppy.