A kindred spirit lost…

I was going to write a piece today about Osborne’s accursed budget, but some things are more important…

I heard last night that a fellow blogger for whom I had a lot of respect has passed away. I heard this from Dick Puddlecote who got it off Twitter and I have no details, but Ranty was an awkward old sod who lived up to his name and whose blog I read regularly. I believe he did the same with mine.

We got chatting one day off blog when I put a comment on his place and signed the wrong ID on it, thereby outing myself! I mailed him he sent me a chatty reply and we exchanged the occasional email off blog. I won’t say we were close friends or that we knew each other particularly well, but we seemed to think alike and what more can you ask for?

I remember fondly his exchanges with HMRC and the manoeuvres he went through to avoid a speeding fine. “Freeman of the Land”? Well, a Freeman of the Spirit, that’s for sure.

I always admired the way he drew people in. Take a scan through his blog and look at the number of comments he got on just about every post he ever wrote. I dream of getting enough attention to my humble scribblings to get those sort of numbers. Clearly he was a man who was well read, controversial and entertaining – even if you totally disagreed with him. And he always made the time to reply.

The last exchange we had was on his post ‘End of the Line?‘ He’d just had shit family problems and was out of work but things were looking up with a move to a well paid job in South Africa in the offing. I wished him well and we had a chuckle about our experiences with the nerds at the Job Centre. He was looking forward to telling them to fuck off when he got the job offer through.

His last response to me was “Life has a way of working out, I think. It just doesn’t always go as you planned it.” Sadly it seems he has been proven right…

I shall miss the man. I feel like I’ve lost a member of my family even though we never actually met.

I’ll leave you with a classic Ranty shortie :

A man of measured words and deep understanding. RIP my friend!


12 responses to “A kindred spirit lost…

  1. Sad news indeed. A classic, benevolent rebel whose voice was a true beacon in our screwed up, politically correct, enslaved world.

  2. Nice tribute Dioclese. I have a vague recollection of coming across some his writings in the past. It's always sad when the world loses one who has added something valued by others.

  3. Concur Dioclese. Used to read his blog from time to time, which caused me no end of mirth. I just loved it attitude to sticking up two bloody great fingers at anything and anybody who wanted some sort of control over him. His long running battle with the vultures at HMRC being a case in point.
    A sad, sad day. RIP Captain

  4. I had no idea of this, what a shock.
    I was a regular and enjoyed his dry wit. Some of his 'funnies' were priceless. His postings declined dramatically after he left for SA, but I signed up for an email notification so as not to miss any. His account of his abuse as a child were harrowing. RIP Captain.

  5. I feel so sad and shocked at the demise of the Captain, I was a regular reader of his blog and was also signed up for emails. He will be missed.
    RIP Captain Ranty.

    Jan M

  6. Ranty was one of the good guys. His pithy review of 2014 demonstrated his ability to make a point in a few well chosen words. I'll miss him.

  7. Although we never met, he and I were both in the Royal Corps of Signals, I will miss a brother in arms. RIP and Certa Cito mate.

  8. Very sad. I spoke to him for a few years on and off the blogs. I will miss him a lot. Blogland just got a little worse off.

  9. He was a good man and will be sorely missed.

    The world is a little duller for his absence.

  10. I will miss his emails, we wrote quite often and he was in a very dark place recently but I hoped he would come through, he was such a strong spirit. RIP Colin.

  11. Cap'n, get the fire ready in the snug. I'll buy you a pint when I get to Valhalla.