93 Men in a Boat [49] : The PA System

Every ship needs a good PA system – a method by which the passengers can be kept informed of developments and useful information.

On our last trip we had two – only one of which required electronics to make it work!

We found that the most efficient method of disseminating information was to tell Mrs PA and it would go all around the ship in next to no time at all. Marvellous.

In over a month together I can’t remember ever coming across her when she wasn’t talking. She simply didn’t ever stop. Ever. Really. And she had a voice like breaking glass to boot. And jaw muscles like iron…

She just loved to talk. She lived for it. She especially liked to talk about other people and didn’t give a damn who was listening even when the people she was gossiping about were sat at the next table and could hear every word.

On occasions she was quite entertaining. I learned things about myself that I’d never knew before – because she had an unfortunate tendency not only to exaggerate somewhat but also to get people mixed up.

In the end I couldn’t resist it. I thanked her most sincerely for reinventing my life. After all, it made people think that I was far more interesting than I actually am.

If only it was all true…


8 responses to “93 Men in a Boat [49] : The PA System

  1. In view of the delightful people you meet on your numerous vacations I am left wondering why you bother. Jesus, it's bad enough dealing with assholes in the unavoidable tedium of day to day life without having to pay handsomely for the experience.
    Off topic completely, and not knowing where else to ask, is there any way to alter the site so that the comments can be viewed and made (or even just accessed) under the main page rather than, as I understand it, having to scroll down to the individualy dated articles?

  2. Thanks for mentioning the comments thing – I'd not noticed that the 'recent comments widget' in the right hand side bar seems to have stopped working. I'll look in to that.

    You can subscribe to the comments feed http://dioclese.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss
    if you have something like RSSbot on your PC

  3. OK – got the comments widget working again, but both that and the Twatter feed abbreviate the comment, but it does at least give you the ability to go straight to the article at a click of a mouse (do people still use a mouse these days?) if the 'chopped off' comment looks to be of interest…

  4. XX After all, it made people think that I was far more interesting than I actually am.

    If only it was all true…XX

    Get over yourself, laddie!

    If you were not interesting I would not be visiting this blogg daily. Along with all the other regulars, including the trolls.

  5. I think we have all met people like this, however on cruises it is magnified somewhat because you are all in close proximity, far more so than a land based trip because there is limited space to escape. When I went down the Nile it was a bit like that because there were not many English people (lot more Germans) and we were all thrown together a lot of the time. Human nature dictates people will “chatter” an then repeat that “chatter” it becomes a huge game of Chinese whispers from which it is difficult to escape. I use to just sit and smile politely an nod at acceptable intervals and kept my mouth firmly shut. I found that worked for me.

  6. Good point well made Furor.

  7. Sorry for the late response (been out all day), and thanks for the pointers as to where to find comments etc. I use a laptop with trackpad mostly.

  8. Thank you both. You're very kind.