1984 and all that…

For some reason, this week’s launch of the Apple iWatch is eagerly awaited – presumably by the same load of brain dead nerds that queued for hours in the pouring rain to be the first to own a new iPhone?

Well, I won’t be buying one and wouldn’t have one if you gave it to me for free and I’ll tell you why.

Let me ask you a simple question. Would you pay money to wear a tag on your ankle like the ones that prisoners on licence are required to wear? Would you wear one for free if offered? Well, no, of course you wouldn’t. And that’s because it tells the powers that be exactly where you are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

And this isn’t some kind of looney conspiracy theory. You stick an iWatch on your wrist and you are allowing constant monitoring of your movements.

Now given the ‘War on Terror’ and the strains on our security services, this might actually be a good think from one point of view. But not from mine. It’s an infringement of my personal freedom. It’s undemocratic. It’s Big Brother by the back door.

And that’s why I’m not paying Apple £249 to provide me with an Orwellian tagging device…


7 responses to “1984 and all that…

  1. Hear hear, however I wonder how many people realise that they are already tagged by their android mobile phone the Government already know where anyone with a mobile phone is at any given time. Unless you either don't have a phone or have all the tacking systems turned off.
    Even turning them off is not enough because it can be turned on at any time remotely. So although I will never buy anything Apple to be honest the “tracking” is academic it already happens. There has been news recently of a very well known TV electronics company putting spying devices in peoples TV's so they can remotely switch on your TV and see what you are doing. I have no doubt that before long even our kettle and toasters will do the same.

  2. Bang one Dioclese. The young (idealistic as ever) always manage not to see the nefarious actions by the powers that be behind all this. For them, its the latest gadget. Muppets. Its worse than that really, we have managed to acquire this culture of “being careful what you say” – words quoted at me yesterday no less. One is on a very, very slippery slope when that is said to you. Someone even reported me for a really trivial “offense” at work yesterday. Its the culture you see. Too many fucking jobsworths who take great delight in “reporting” somebody. You know in a way I'm glad I'm over 55 because I really don't think I could put up with this shit for another 30 years or so. When I was a kid – way back in the good old 60's you would regularly hear people say “its a free country and I can say what I like” Strangely enough you never hear that anymore. Funny that innit !

  3. Count me out too, I have a slight dry skin, excema, irritation thingymybob on my wrists so I have never bothered with watches, anyway my mobile is my watch and alarm.

    Oh and that itunes mularky is so bloody shite, I will never bother with Apple again.

    Dioclese you of all people need a tracking system attached to you,….remember old fella, you set off on these treks to kackistan where the nearest post office is in another time zone, also you need constant reminders to take your statins, and you get lost easily when you start wandering around looking for penguins or volcanos.

    Smart watches are a must have for you.


  4. Yeah – but in the places I like to go, there's no signal…

  5. Mick Anderson

    You don't need a signal, except for real time monitoring. I understand that there is a file buried in an iPhone that logs the GPS information. If “They” can download it remotely, it can be done whenever the device is back in range. I won't be surprised if the Police start demanding access to phone contents in contested speeding cases.

    The story I heard was that the US Government insisted on all new phones from a few years back to be fitted with a remotely interrogatable GPS receiver (allegedly) to help them track runaway children….

    My phone is too old to have a GPS in it, and locating it by triangulating from cell phone masts isn't accurate enough to be useful to anybody for most purposes.

  6. I won't be queuing up to buy one either. I've lost my mobile phone number because I didn't use it for a year. No one phones and I didn't know how to use it. Makes you wonder how the world got by in times of yore without instant communication.

  7. I used to walk to the phone box and pop in tuppence 🙂 it was instant… as long as there wan't an effing great queue for the phone box! *chuckle*