Red Nose Day

Once again our televisions are going to be taken over by the annual ritual that is Comic Relief’s red nose day – the cheapest possible way of filling the Friday night TV schedule with a load of seriously unfunny so called comedians who give their services for nothing so they can be holier than thou in the name of charity…

Well, I’ve written about Comic Relief before on this blog and I think I’ve explained the reasons why I simply don’t support it. Basically, it’s extorting money with menaces backed up by extorting money by embarrassment.

It’s also against my principles to give money to any organisation just so it can be syphoned off to admin staff and corrupt dictators in foreign countries. In civilised countries the poor and needy – that’s the genuine poor and needy not lazy scrounging bastards who are too bone idle to help themselves – should be the responsibility of the government. Perhaps if we stopped being dictated too as too how much we should spend on Aid by Clegg and Brussels, and how much we should spend on defence by the Yanks, then idiots like Lenny Henry and his Comic Relief cronies wouldn’t have to be sticking out their hands an rattling the begging bowl.

But what really pisses me off this year is the way my grandchildren are being exploited by this twatfest. The schools are forcing children to ‘do something for Comic Relief’. Well, you should be ashamed of yourself brainwashing little children into acting like prats just so the loony lefties can be politically correct.

I give sod all to Comic Relief and will continue to do so. They can stick their red noses where the sun doesn’t shine…


12 responses to “Red Nose Day

  1. Dunno what happened to my comment!! Anyway, it was telling you about our Red Nose Day here Downunder. None of your 24 hrs crap fest, just a great charity to donate to, by buying promotional stuff, to aid research into SIDS. No pressure at all to donate, as it should be.
    Regards, waiting to dodge a cyclone

  2. I agree with your sentiment whole heartedly. I have commented likewise about my children during their school days being emotionally blackmailed into taking part in Comic Relief and it's ilk. This is the worst bunch of hypocrisy by far “we help charities at home and abroad” YEAH Lenny but 99% goes abroad and the !% you spend in the UK is mostly spent on ethnic inner city charities for ethnic kids. If I want to donate to a cause I pick a cause I want to support so why would I hand my money to Comic Relief, that's like saying I don't know what charities I want to donate to an that you know better than me what I want to do with my cash…WELL you DON'T .
    As for a night of drivel on TV it not always drivel ? That's why I don't watch it. And as I discovered the BBC have now axed New Tricks after the upcoming season I shall have NO need for stupid catch up player either.

  3. Odd isn't it how many schools have done away with nativity plays yet these same schools force this drivel on children? I also find it strange that anything with a leftward leaning slant is perfectly acceptable but any mention of the opposite side of things instantly creates an outcry. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised as most of those in education are lefties and pinkos, as is the BBC. As far as the money raised by these stunts is concerned, just get rid of the likes of Ross, Ant &Dec, Wogan etc etc and give their salaries to the charities. Red Nose day must be the only TV exposure that buffoon Henry gets these days.

  4. Great aint it…..I am off to Sainsburys in an hour and they will be all dressed up shaking buckets at me.

    And the fat bird who looks like a bloke on the tills will have a daft grin on her face and some kind of hat about 3 feet tall with a flower arrangement on it…she always does, Xmas, halloween, valentines day any excuse.


  5. Ah, yes, yetanotherthon to grace our screens. I won't be watching and I won't be giving.

  6. I will mostly be drinking beer tonight and afterwards mostly gin and tonic. LH can shove his red nose.

  7. I shall do likewise.

  8. Sainsburys had a donut eating contest in the store today….2 champion eaters from the staff went head to head on the challenge….result 4-4 a draw.

    4 donuts…. yeah 4…what a fucking joke……i didn't watch because mouth stuffed with jam donuts isnt appealing……I wish i had done cos i missed the chance to get the video of the nibbling on You Tube.

    Best comedy element was the shop was practically empty and paid no attention to all the whooping and hype over the tannoy about custard baths later and men dressed as women….its as if nobody could hear the shite.

    It was really quite funny hearing the tannoy and people watching.

    Flower head woman was there but no flowers this time…daft goggles, orange wig and pom-poms sticking out her hat …stupid grin was still there though.

    I didn't give….I swerved the buckets….I normally only give for animal charites, although i would have given if i had been got at.


  9. John, could that be cyclone Pam? It has just hit our shore (Nuzzyland) and we have been advised to keep 3 days of food in store.

  10. Dr Evil. Looks like by the end of the night you will have your own red nose. Cheers!

  11. Cyclone Olwyn mate, in the West, was supposed to give Perth a good blow but now just a rain bearing depression. How can some thing bringing us much needed rain be depressed?. Anyway, stay safe mate and dont overdo the beans lol

  12. Bugger, the worst of it will hit further north. I think Vanuatu has taken a great hit and many folk lost. Think of the poor buggers there. I think we will be spared the worst. Luckily, I've stored away a few cold tinnys for just an eventuality.