Blimey! Politicians with principles!

No, I’m not referring to the two twats in the picture above – I’m referring to the Labour party parliamentary candidates who refused to accept donations to their fighting funds from Tony Blair.

Blair has donated £106,000 from the millions he has milked since leaving Downing Street to a fighting fund to help Labour win the election. In a letter to 106 candidates in key battleground seats, Blair said:

As the final countdown to the general election begins, I am writing to wish you every success in your efforts to be elected and also to make a donation to your campaign. I know how hard it can be to raise money to fund a local campaign, but for you, in one of our 106 battleground seats, it is even more vital. This is where the election will be won for Labour and that is why I am making a donation to all 106 campaigns.’

Initially, Labour said they were delighted by Blairs donation, but then it all went wrong. Activists are unhappy about accepting money from a man who has made millions out of leading Labour and who many perceive as a war criminal and hypocrite.

Dundee East candidate Lesley Brennan said her constituency would not be accepting the money. She said: ‘Received donation from Tony Blair. Instinct was to not accept. Discussed with team. Dundee East is not accepting the £1000.’

Northampton candidate Sally Keeble has also turned down the money. She said: ‘The £1,000 donations are being offered to key seats – of which we were one. I have emailed them back to say we won’t be accepting.’

Then Blair’s former mouthpiece, Alastair Campbell, decided to throw his two pennuth worth in on his Twitter account branding the candidates refusing to accept the money as ‘attention seekers’ and asking them ‘do you want to win?’ One Twitter twat asked Campbell ‘Is there anyone who’s money you would not accept?’ to which I suspect the honest answer would be ‘no’.

Campbell replied ‘Of course there is’ (really, Alistair?) ‘but the Party’s most successful leader is not amongst them.’ The reply came back ‘Short term success. Awful legacy. Refusing money from war criminals is not attention seeking.’ Campbell retorted that people like him can’t see past their own prejudices. Rather like the pot calling the kettle black, Alistair?

Still, the arch spin doctor will probably tell you there’s no such thing as bad publicity and at least it puts him back in the limelight, something I suspect Campbell can’t bear to do without being the self publicist he is.

Well, you might not have many principles, Mr Campbell, but it’s refreshing to see that at least some people in the Labour Party do – even if your former leader doesn’t.


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  1. I've become so sceptical that I can't help wondering if it's not all a big publicity stunt.

  2. What the fuck was plain packs all about?, the big vote didn't even cause a ripple in the media ( a couple of minutes googling should find the details for those that want to know)… thats because no-one gives fuck either way. its nothing to do with smoking.

    What will the pro smoke lobby do now?….maybe some kind of campaign about the smoking ban?…..nah no chance , since 2007 they haven't bothered so they won't start now, Simon Clark will no doubt get an email from his tobacco bosses with a promise of good expenses and funding for a campaign about the size of cigarette boxes or some such shite and he will be off again with Dick puddlecote devoting every minute of his spare time trying to find out what some bloke in Austrailia ( you know Chapman)said in 2008 and has now changed his mind about it , or is a contradiction…….oh yes it gets really anal with Dick when his investigating.

    Has the penny dropped yet for all those pro smokers bloggers why Simon Clark the blogger stays away from other blogs and has done for years…he dosen't want to be questioned about anything from smokers or non smokers, the pro smoke lobby which he has self appointed himself as the voice of smokers and leader is a fraud thats dosen't smoke and has done nothing proactive for the man on the street…yet spends years on a daft campaign like this that means nothing even if he had won.

    Whilst Simon censors his blog l and avoids other blogs….hell he even won't add hardly any other blogger to his blogroll, he won't mention campaigns/ideas from other blogs about smoking issues….he avoids fucking everyone and everything…except of course posh lunches with celebrity speakers.

    What about the smoking ban and smoking issues?……he dosen't give a fuck about smoking , he dosen't smoke, if he gave a shit about anything he would engage in other blogs and not ignore pleas from other pro smoke blogs to promote ideas.

    Simon won't ever do anything or he would have by now……nor will other bloggers in hiding like Dick puddlecote, nor will 12 million smokers….you have got what you deserve smokers and this plain packs mularky was a brilliant diversion from real smoking ban issues by ASH , that got the tiny pro smoke lobby fighting a battle for years that meant nothing win or lose.

    Has the penny dropped yet loonies?


  3. Missed the first line of the previous post:

    “I would like to add all those who voted in favour of plain packs Politicians with principles too, or as Simon Clark (Taking Liberties) now calls it voted in favour of”theft of intellectual property”

  4. P.S …talking about pro smoke bloggers in hiding…lol.

    Frank Davis was asked to appear on ITV…. he got asked because the Simon Clarks and Chris Snowdons of this world wouldn't for some reason be doing the show as he put it.

    Well to be honest there aint anyone else except a couple of other paid to speak lobbyists or perhaps someone else selling a book like Chris Snowdon… real lobbyists exsist amongst 12 million smokers..

    The truth is Frank you won't be outed on T.V in front of neighbours and family, friends and millions of others claiming smoking is dosen't kill and all the conspiracy and Nazis stuff you blog about.

    Its fuck all to do with not being prepared because not being able to read the Lancet report before the show is a good enough excuse to avoid questions on it…. you could have used you shitipedia library of knowledge built over 7 years to have a chat about smoking.

    A tip for you Frank if you ever get an invite again…the official pro smoke lobby (Forest) absolutely agree about the dangers of smoking….oh yes the complete bollocks of the smoking lobby is the nutters don't agree with each other, thats why plain packs was so popular on blogs, becasue they all agree on daft things like that.

    Frank and his cult are in la la land…..I would love to se on T.V, Simon Clark and his weak wimpy style agreeing about the dangers of smoking with Frank Davis completely disagreeing with him, and Dick puddlecote sitting on the fence trying to agree with both of them with is face blacked out with an actors voice to avoid outing him.

    You have to larf….the pro smoke lobby has a fucking great big problem with “smoking kills” and the dangers of smoking ,and dosen't Debs Arnot know it, she appears on T.V almost purring when she gets Simon Clark stuttering and fumbling infront of her.


  5. Makes me laff – the Aussies prove beyond a shadow of doubt that plain packaging makes no difference, so the wankers in our dear government decide we'll do it here too.

    And now there some other cunts calling for tobacco to be made illegal all over the world by 2040. It'll never happen so they best get over it IMHO

  6. Anybody considering taking the above arse dribble seriously should read what Frank actually said. No one would go on TV to talk about something they haven't read and can't because it hasn't been published yet.

    The facts, though, don't make for a good deranged rant, though.

  7. They haven't learned what made Al Capone so successful.

  8. predicting an end to smoking by 2040 is the theme Longrider.!!….Frank Davis has devoted 7 years of his life writing a well written blog on the subject of smoking bans and his view of lies and conspiracy surrounding the whole subject….thats the facts

    the facts are endless interviews are held every week on the T.V where guests have not read reports or are not fully aware of the all the facts but still have valued opinions.

    Frank has his chance to out himself as true smoker loony denialist, he is not a faker like many others who blog about smoking and nor is the cult on his blog who worship him.

    The fear of smoking denial and neighbours/friends/family/colleagues finding out is the reason he will stay hidden and is the reason all the rest of the lies and conspiracy bloggers remain in hiding.too.

    Simon freebies Clark might do well out of his expenses claim when he racks up dozens of interviews on smoking issues cos there is only him and a couple of others who will speak up for smokers….but when he and the other tobacco industry employed voices speak they agree about the dangers of smoking……whereas blogland is full of conspiracy and lies about smoking.

    O f course i'm not stating anything new here…its all well known amongst bloggers…who will continue the lies and conspiracy angle as long as they are still in hiding.

    Fucking cowards.


  9. The only conspiracy theories here are yours and they become more deranged every time you hit the keyboard.

    No one if they have any sense will attend an interview without preparation and Frank is right to refuse. I would, as well. In fact, I have done on a couple of occasions for precisely those reasons. That people do means nothing. All that bollocks about cowardice is merely your fertile imagination running away with you. You are as idiotic now as you were three years ago when you tried to get blogs that you didn't like shut down. Now you cry from here because you can't disrupt them at source.

    As for ending smoking by 2040, yes, indeed. Much like the end of heroin, cocaine and all the other recreational; substances mankind takes. It isn't going to happen and anyone who believes that it will is an idiot. If they try, the criminals will get wealthy on the back of it.

    Your obsession with this suggests Frank et al are touching a nerve. Given that you are loonie anti-smoking nutter, good. More power to their elbows. Every rant here is a reminder of your impotence. Keep it up, we could use a laugh or two.

  10. The problem with your comments are that you really are out of your depth on smoking issues….you obviously have never read Franks blog properly and are trying to blag it instead…. you failed.

    Frank Davis and his cult belive that smoking dosen't kill…its lies and conspiracy…….go on Longrider have a peek at a quality blog and see how its done.

    I don't disrupt blogs and I can post my views where I like.

    Glad you enjoy a laugh…I will continue.

    Freedom of speech and all that.


  11. Edit….. Dick puddlecote freedom campaigner wont allow my views and also free speech champion Bucko.

    Pro smoke fakers get a bit touchy with awakward questions.


  12. You wouldn't know freedom of speech if it smacked you in the mouth. The only freedom of speech you approve of is yours. After all, you were the one who waged a campaign to shut down blogs you didn't like. You were the one who actively threatened me if I didn't remove a comment you didn't like. I'll take no lectures from you on freedom of speech.

    You don't have any awkward questions, merely rambling, arse-dribble and obsessive, stupid conspiracy theories.

  13. Your arse dribble conspiracies about me seem to go forever don't they?

    It seems you are waging a campaign against me and trying to shut me down,…..once again Longrider stop that trolling shit please….your naive cock eyed views always lack any substance or intelligent content and for good reason ….because that was never your intent to engage in debate….. its just to troll me again and again with lies.

    I will not , have not disrupted blogs.

    I will however use the platform that has been given to me to air my views on blogs , and there is fuck all you can do about it.

    Jog on shortarse , take your chip on your shoulder with you and leave me alone.


  14. Ah, yes, the poor little me act that always follows when you are called on your foam flecked fantasising and lies.

    I'll continue to point out that you are lying while you continue to lie. That comment you wanted deleted, the one that said you have the wit and intellect of a masturbating twelve year old. Turned out to be remarkably accurate after all.

  15. Masturbating twelve year old….oh dear its getting scary now.


  16. Personally, I think you're both getting a bit childish with this slanging match…

  17. Not really. This individual needs to be called out otherwise people will forget what he did or if they weren't around might belive the poor little me act. This person waged a nasty campaign of intimidation designed to silence people who said things he didn't like. So all the freedom of speech stuff is a lie. While you give this creature a platform and he repeats his lies, I'll remind people just what he is. The masturbating twelve year old was a comment he demanded that I remove under threats of increased trolling. That's our defender of free speech for you. The hypocrisy stinks.

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