Green is the new Monster Looney…

I love a good election. It really does bring out the nutters and the weirdos. And this time around it’s the Green Party that’s heading the pack in outlandish ideas – sorry, revolutionary policies!

I understand that we need to find new ways of funding essential services, but the Greens have just come up with a corker. And the real beauty of it is that they actually have none other than our very own Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, to thank for sparking off their thought processes after he urged the decriminalisation of cannabis last week

The Greens are going one better. In Brighton, home to the only Green-controlled council, and their solitary MP Caroline Lucas, party members want to sell the drugs . . . to pay off the council’s debts. They are examining a scheme in Copenhagen where the sale of legalised cannabis is controlled by local government, which reaps the financial benefits.

Davy Jones, Green Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, said: ‘No one is saying we should do this straight away without further research but it’s an aspiration we should look at. The first stage is to look at decriminalising it and then regulating. No doubt someone will shoot us down for raising the idea, but someone has to.’ Someone has to shoot you down, do you mean? Well, yes, I’d say so.

And then of course, there is always the thorny problem of human rights. Well the Greens think the Human Rights Act should be extended to include animals so that killers and kidnappers of whales, dolphins and apes will face the same jail sentences as human murderers. Mind you, they also think there should be a tax on nappies and a better standard of living for rodents.

They are advocating an alliance with the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru to force a minority Labour government to cut the defence budget. Funding would be taken from nuclear deterrence to be spent on foreign aid, increasing the budget to £16 billion a year, or one per cent of GDP.

So if you want to vote Looney, vote Green. You know it makes no sense…


8 responses to “Green is the new Monster Looney…

  1. There's a line in that great TV series “The Sopranos” where one guy says “you couldn't make that shit up” – the other guy replies “I just did”. Where will the madness end? As for increasing spending on foreign aid and reducing the spending on the military surely that shoud be the other way round?

  2. It would be nice to read on a blog something positive about the upcoming election/politics…..the never ending negative slant on everything political gets tiresome.

    Its as if all bloggers are shit scared of praising something….cos as soon as they do , someone will prove them wrong…. negative slants always get an easy ride.


  3. Mick Anderson

    Would be delighted to have something to praise. Still waiting…. (I know, don't feed the trolls)

  4. These Greens are mostly Brussels sprouts – full of political farts.
    As most Foreign Aid is stolen before it reaches the intended (usually poor people at the sharp end), rather than give more to warlords and despots, it should be stopped completely. But any real charity which can prove their donations actually get to the intended recipients gets my vote & money.

  5. I have to agree with Mick on this one. I'm not looking for just bad things, I'm looking for good things too but the campaign so far has been unremittingly negative and the leaders just want to trade insults.

    Gets more like the USA every day. Very sad…

  6. Writing 0.7% of our GDP into law as foreign aid is really, really stupid. Thanks a lot, Cleggy…

  7. Well summed up. Dio. I'd love to be positive & enthusiastic about an election but I see precious little reason or scope.

  8. Precisely. I wasn't born a cynic, I was made that way by the lies, broken promises and outright theft of the political establishment. When they do say something worthy of praise, they fail to deliver – bonfire of the quangos? Great repeal act? Yeah, right. Never happened.