Brussels or Edinburgh?

If you, like me, hate the idea of Brussels telling this country what to do then this week’s latest polls forecasts and the open wheeler-dealing between the political parties must really put the wind up you. If you think the UK being run from Brussels is a bad idea, then how do you feel about it being run from Edinburgh?

Let me say right up front that the above is a Tory election poster and I’m not asking you to vote Tory – it just makes the point rather well, I thought.

The latest polls show that the SNP is forecast to take 56 out of the 59 Labour seats in Scotland. Well, we know how reliable pre-elction polls are so let’s just say there’s a realistic chance of them taking a substantial majority. Given that Labour and Conservative are neck and neck, that leaves a very real possibility of the SNP in coalition with Labour. I wondered why Alex Salmond stood down as SNP leader after the referendum. Now I know. He sees himself as Deputy Prime Minister.

The danger is that Labour is a high taxing party and the SNP is a high spending party so if you put the two together you have a recipe for disaster for the UK economy.

In a speech to party members in Edinburgh, led by Jim Murphy, Miliband ignored calls from his own frontbench, led by Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Health Spokesman Andy Burnham, to rule out a deal with Nicola Sturgeon’s party. David Cameron responded by raising the spectre of a left-wing axis between Labour and the SNP. He said: ‘If you thought the worst outcome for this Election was a Labour government led by Ed Miliband, think again. You could end up with a Labour government led by Ed Miliband – propped up by the Scottish National Party – an alliance between the people who want to bankrupt Britain and the people who want to break up Britain.’

Senior Tory politicians are calling for a Conservative Labour coalition to stop the SNP, but I think we can see the likelihood of that happening, can’t we? Nevertheless it does show the level of panic within the Tory party.

Suddenly, the threat to Cameron is not from UKIP but from the SNP. A week sure is a long time politics – and we’ve got a good few more to go yet until the big day!

And here’s another cracking Tory poster that sums it all up. reminds me of the LIB/SDP’s two Davids – and now we’ve got a third one! “Vote Dave. You know it makes sense?”


8 responses to “Brussels or Edinburgh?

  1. II am so relived that finally even the MSM are starting to take this issue over the SNP seriously as you know I have been getting my knickers in a knot about this since the referendum and Salmond's resignation as SNP leader. The outcome of this match made in hell is the single most frightening prospect about this general election for me. I read a piece by the BBC's Scotland correspondent, which is the usual left wing biasd clap trap making out that this threat is all imaginary and there is no real prospect of this becoming a reality. of course it's the usual smoke and mirrors tactics.

  2. Mick Anderson

    You could argue that we've already had Scottish rule for the UK, when Mr Brown was PM and Mr Darling Chancellor

    That didn't go too well, if memory serves….

  3. It can only get worse with the involvement of Salmond and Sturgeon.

  4. Correct. The Scottish Raj were more than happy to vote on matters that did not affect their own constituents. The SNP always maintained an ethical stance of not voting on such matters. Now, it seems, given the whiff of power, they are happy to put ethics aside.

  5. Be afraid, be very afraid. It really is a nightmare scenario. This is the result of not tackling the “West Lothian question”. David Cameron has had ample opportunity to sort that particular mess out, but of course he hasn't and now it looks likely to come back and bite him in the arse.

    It pains me greatly to admit that given the two alternatives proposed in the blog I'd have to choose European rule over a Labour SNP alliance. However that could all be avoided if UKIP got enough seats to, if not capsize the boat, certainly give it a bloody good rocking.


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  7. You're the second person with that problem. Mail me privately at and we'll try to sort it out. I suspect it's a problem with Akismet or WordPress but I can't deal with that personally as I'm not the ISAC webmaster – but I will pass it on and try to get it sorted.

    'Sort it the fuck out' is not helpful but I understand the frustration!