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  1. So, have I got this right: you agree with two sets of hypocrites?

    I see people struggling to understand the meaning of life, beyond it being the unavoidable probabilistic outcome, somewhere, sometime, of what we explain by quantum electrodynamics. Very likely, most of those (us) people get it wrong, in many ways, much of the time. Is that news in any field of human thought and endeavour?

    In fact, the QE-D basis is itself inadequate, because it does not explain human (and animal) intelligence (let alone sapience), as in the operations and connectivity of neurons in any single brain.

    Isn't life so much more fun, if we believe in the possibility of warp drive and wormholes!

    Where does that leave us: acknowledging we are still struggling, I hope.

    Best regards

  2. No – I actually agree with neither!