The Sound of Music at 50

I met Maria von Trapp once. She was living in  a mountain lodge in the mountains of Vermont. She looks fuck all like Julia Andrews as you can see from the above.

But let’s remember ‘The Sound of Music’…

50 years ago I was on holiday with my parents. They wanted to see ‘The Sound of Music’. I didn’t. So they left me standing outside the cinema for a couple of hours while they went in.
I have been left scared and traumatised for months by this dreadful experience, but it could have been worse…
…they could have forced me to watch it!

5 responses to “The Sound of Music at 50

  1. I have huge admiration for Maria Von Trapp she was a remarkable lady.
    I have to tell you I love the Sound of Music, I appreciate it is not everyone's cup of tea but I have always loved it. From a small child watching with my Grandma to as an adult watching with my children, who now also love it.

  2. Many years ago (in the late 1970's) my then boss proudly informed us minions that he was the proud owner of a new VHS VCR.

    Knowing him to be a bit of a lad, I informed him that I knew a couple of people sufficiently affluent to also have one, (they were around £700-£750 in those distant days), and that for just a tenner, I could provide him with a VHS cassette of a film consisting of schoolgirls, nuns & nazis.

    The money duly changed hands one Friday afternoon but on the Monday morning he wasn't a totally happy bunny having got some of his cronies round to watch a bit of naughty, only to see Julie Andrews running up an alp.

    I pointed out that I hadn't told porkies and wasn't responsible for his jumping to conclusions and after a day or so, he did see the funny side…

  3. The Bonzo Dog… Funny enough I was watching Viv Stanshaw on Youtube, yesterday. It was a strange song about someone keeping his clips on. Chaotic insanity and eccentricity which the English do well. As for the Song of Bloodly Music. May the Devil take the Von Trapp family and turn their insides into a harp. I was dragged along to the premier 50 years ago by my Gran. I still have the psychological scars- they will never heal.

  4. And I went voluntarily some 50 years ago: mind you, it was either that or Games (with a psychopathic sadistic Welsh games master*) so I still think on reflection, it was probably the wiser choice.

    *Aren't they all?

  5. …if not the fanny side. (© Viz)