Practice what you preach…

As my regular reader will know, there’s a few things on my ‘piss boiling’ list and up there with them are religion and hypocrisy, so when we get a case of religious hypocrisy then the steam will definitely start to come out of my ears!

Last week, I wrote about the bishops of the Church of England preaching to the government about, amongst other things, paying a proper living wage to the poor downtrodden workers. Imagine my delight then when I found out that this was a clear case of “don’t do what I do, do what I tell you”.

The Sun newspaper published a list of jobs advertised by some Church institutions with a salary below the rate currently set at £7.85 an hour, or £9.15 in London. It included the Archbishop’s own cathedral in Canterbury which this week advertised for two kiosk assistants to be paid £6.70 an hour. Yes, that was Welby’s very own Cathedral so I was surprised at his reaction.

Welby said “I will say we are a complex institution and every parish church and cathedral is an independent charity, as is every diocese. We don’t have a centralised method of control. I’m not very keen on centralised control where, from far away, you tell people what to do.”

Well, Justin old son, your own Cathedral is hardly ‘far away’ as you describe it and if you’re not keen on central control and telling people what to do then why are you doing precisely that in your pathetic 52 page missive?

He went on “You’ll see the accusations of hypocrisy, but make up your own mind as to what it is.”

Well I have – and it’s definitely hypocrisy…


16 responses to “Practice what you preach…

  1. I didn't thing centralisation was needed to pay minimum wage I thought it was a government requirement and a LAW. but clearly Welby knows better I am sure God told him to do it.
    Fucking hypocritical tosser.

  2. rapscallion

    Come on Kath, say what you mean love 🙂

    It doesn't matter whether is the government or the Church – its all about CONTROL.

  3. I really should try to express myself I am such a shrinking violet, but I fin it so hard to say what I mean. 😉
    I can only agree with your comment about control.

  4. This reminds me of a baptist preacher who is one of my colleagues that literally has his bible propped open all the time on his desk for inspiration for the weekly sermon he will deliver.

    This workshy bastard will avoid helping anyone anytime, his body language smacks of a constant effort at doing fuck all if he can get away with it, he his quite easily by far the most cunning lazy wanker I have ever known, he does it with a smile on his face and quick bible quote at hand for most situations.

    UKIP….Dioclese the bashing of UKIP will not stop because behind the one man show that is Farage are dozens and dozens of second rate activists who have failed to get anywhere with the other parties and will be exposed as not to be trusted.

    I still can't remember anyone else speaking for UKIP except Reckless or Farage….this election will not keep hundreds of potential members of parliment in hiding for much longer.


  5. Hi Rickie. Not heard from you for a while.

    There was a 5 minute UKIP party political on the tellie the other day from Carswell. UKIP will be interesting to watch won;t they whatever your opinion of them.

    Frankly, anyone but Miliband will do for me – except Clegg because really he's finished after this coalition. Miliband and Balls would kill this country off and reduce it to a third world economic shithole.

  6. D please add Natalie Bennett of the Greens to the list of exceptions. She is so dire she makes Millipee look competent.

  7. Rickie, where on earth have you been, I was getting worried about you.
    Welcome back. 😀

  8. There is no need to worry kath, a puritan lifestyle has kept me safe and healthy although miserable and spiteful, resenting all those drinkers and smokers having so much fun.

    Anyway if Nicola Sturgeon wants to become first minister of Norfolk she has my vote, if not some dodgy UKIP loony will get it.

    Where have I been?…watching Deal or no Deal instead of reading blogs cos the contestants have now become acts where they run about and get excited and hug other contestants who are the best people they have ever known, also Noel Edmonds looks even more stranger than ever….a sort of hobbit character.

  9. Whilst this episode may have embarrassed Archbishop Welby ( and I am not one of his fans) it is definitely not one of his responsibilities. The Archbishop may preach innCanterbury Cathedral and exercise his leadership from there but the actual running of a cathedral is the responsibility of the Dean and Chapter. There would/could be an awful power struggle if the Archbishop ( or any bishop) tried to interfere in the running of any cathedral . Unless the C Of E has centralised itself like the Conservative party, the bishops would lose every time. There responsibility is for their dioceses as organisations. They may hold visitations to check up that things are being done right but not to micro manage

  10. Sounds to me like you have been having far more fun than me.
    “miserable and spiteful” I have to disagree with your self analysis, I always find you intelligent and considered and your dry sense of humour makes me smile.
    I may not always agree with everything you say, but there is always passion behind it.
    You may not believe me but it's true I have really missed your presence in blog land.
    I have to say Noel is better than pantomime. I haven't watched Deal of No Deal for many years, but Noel always reminded me of something Tolken dreamt up.

  11. Thanks for those kind words Kath, i have found that my intelligent and considered responses…hell even the no brainer truth dosen't always go down well with the smoker denial cult and others who aren't used to someone in the yes yes land of blogging friends questioning them, although smoking denial/smoking issues has just about been eradicated from blogland into a completely new direction of E-CIGS and plain packs which has fuck all to with anything really about smoking and has left Dick Puddlecote and few others chasing that shite that nobody gives a fuck about into la la land….good luck to them…Dick muddledup is on about “cake control” now….for crying out loud.

    My new hobby is watching VLOGS , where folk film there lives and shove it one You Tube…honestly its quite compelling and beats chips on shoulders blogs hands down.

    Stephanie love sinclair…is one odd woman who likes to wear wigs, and is quite open and honest…that just one of them I follow

  12. Sounds like something I need to check out I will potter off and have a look, after all what is it they say a change is as good as a rest.
    Life would be very boring if we all agreed all the time surely, and some times it takes an individual to challenge our thought processes and make us think twice, in my book that has to be a good thing.

  13. Agreement all of the time is the curse of Blogger, making friends , blog lists and all that back slapping removes real debate and proper free speech as i have found out…….you soon get “troll” attached to your name if you break the unwritten rule of no disagreements.

    Infact the only times you see any disgareement is when the host blog decides to “plant” a disagreement of course with no blogger account name attached or when I post , or the once in a blue moon genuine opposing view gets posted.

    This blogland perversion soon escalates into complete lunacy as in the case of “Frank Davis- Banging on about the smoking ban blog…this blog which is my favourite read by far because frank is a true believer along with a dedicated clique of followers some of which are read deal loonies who appear to devote 24 hours a day on the subject of smoking denial and will respond with incredible lenghty posts minutes after the cult leader frank has posted a new thread.

    The perversion part of blogging in this case are the hangers on who are freedom mongers who both want new followers to their blogs and are quick to attach themsleves to the fantasy conspiracy that the dangers of smoking are lies instigated by corrupt governments with an agenda of Nazi control over its subjects or evil maniacs like Debs Arnot….this leads to several other blogs attaching themselves to the conspiracy angle whislt at all times trying not to expose the nonsense of complete smoking denial that Franks cult believe in.

    Of course when I pop un on blogs like “its all bollocks” led by car stickers, and pimped up cars a speciality- Bucko…he removes any awkward questions about smoking cos he wants to be part of the “pro smoke gang”- no questions asked.

    Its farcical bullshit caused by blog porn stats, new followers, more friends, more backslapping…..and free speech to oppose the blog host aint included and if its allowed , it won't be for long.

    It will kill blogs and is doing so, slowly but surely.

    p.s to anyone who tells me to fuck off if I don't like blogs…I read them like the Daily Mail gets read and then posted about on several blogs even though the views shown by the mail are hated….I have been given a platform to air my views so I use it.

  14. Well I think you know me well enough by now to know that I never mind people disagreeing with me as long as I can disagree back. To paraphrase a friend of mine, “This is what I think and approval is not required” or something like that.

    As for the smoking debate, I couldn't care less one way or the other. To each his own, I say…

  15. Interesting that you get kicked off a blog and then cry that NO dissent whatsoever is allowed on that blog.
    You might be surprised to know that you are the first person that I've completely shut out of my blog. It's not because you disagree but because you come on to a post of mine and use that to call other bloggers vile names. Also because you refuse to engage in any meaningful debate, simply dismissing contrary views and calling the writers names.

    The problem with blogs is that people usually tend to read blogs about subjects they like. This means they are unlikely to disagree with the writer. It's rare I disagree on other blogs and rare people do (did) on mine.

    Disagreement is actually quite refreshing for that reason. Name calling, particularly using my blog as a platform to name call others, is not.

    Dioclese clearly doesn't care and I respect that, however I've never said my blog is a place where people can come and spout hatred of others.

    I notice Ricky, that you are usually quite polite on this blog. Could it be because it's the only place you are still welcome to say your bit?

  16. The reason i'm allowed to say my bit here is because Dioclese isnt worried about smoke issues and hasn't joined the pro smoke cult at arms length and wants avoid to questions about it, and of course freedom of speech means more than lip service rather than fucked up versions of it to promote censorship.

    Name calling…you soft tart.

    have a look at your blog list and all the blogs you take part in…it dosen't seem to worry you then.

    its all bollocks…it most certainly is.

    Pro smoke fakers…are worse than real denialists for censorship….Dickie Puddlefuck is another who won't answer questions either….he did a runner when i asked him about Harm reduction and E-cigs.

    That was me gone for good.

    You have to larf….I will call a cunt a cunt .

    Cheers Dioclese.