Leicester – more UKIP bashing

The media are at it again. The Daily Fail reported yesterday that a ‘former UKIP candidate’ described Leicester as a ‘shithole full of Pakis’. Note the word ‘former’…

Apparently, Richard Crouch posted several messages which appeared on his Facebook account. The messages describe his hometown of Leicester as a ‘shithole full of Pakis’. It also refers to Asians in Leicester as ‘The Taliban’ and Romanians as ‘pick pocketing criminals’.

Now firstly this seems a little naive if true. Secondly, he denies posting the comments and maintains that his account was hacked. Facebook? Hacked? Impossible – it’s totally secure isn’t it? He’s referred the matter to the police to investigate and naturally they will do their best to get to the root of the matter, being totally unbiased and all that. UKIP have also said they will investigate the situation.

And although the Daily Fail describes him as a ‘candidate’, Mr Crouch added: ‘I must’ve upset someone, but I don’t know why – I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this. I’m just an activist – I’m not a candidate.’

Now, my family comes from Leicester. I don’t, but I still have lots of relatives there. There is a strong resentment amongst them that the city was overrun by Ugandan Asians who settled there after Idi Amin expelled them. I’ve not been there for a few years now and I gather there is a major regeneration project under way in the City Centre, but the last time I was there I was appalled at the Asianisation of the city – street signs in foreign languages, a vast number of Asian shops, Asian cinemas and more. The natives Brits were foreigners in their own land as far as I could see.

As far as I could tell – although I wouldn’t condone the racist language – Leicester really is a shit hole and it really is full of Asians.

Now, I’m not a racist. I might be accused of xenophobia, but I’m not a racist. Immigrants who settle in this country should fit in to the British way of life not overrun huge swathes, creating ghettos in our towns and imposing their culture on us. Leicester last time I saw it was an Asian city not a British one. I understand why my family would feel that their home town has been destroyed by immigration.

But all of that is incidental to the media blowing up this story into another opportunity to indulge in gutter politics and slag off UKIP. Yet again, they can’t debate the issues so they discredit the individuals.

Shame on you!


9 responses to “Leicester – more UKIP bashing

  1. Hear hear and amen to that, and if you think Leicester is bad try Nottingham parts of that are as bad if not worse than Leicester. and there is one part where no sane person goes after dark unless they are of a certain ethnic persuasion.
    The MSM love to drag out ex kippers who have “erred” and smear them all over the papers to undermine the UKIP cause, it's because they are running out of things to turn people against UKIP so they have turned to other means, Necessity is the mother of invention after all and the MSM see the destruction of UKIP as necessary.

  2. What did you expect squire? You and I both know that if those comments (hacked or otherwise) had been said by a member of the Labour/Tory/DimLib Party, then it would never have made the “news”. Can't have the hoi polloi cocking their snooks at the “Establishment” can we? Make no mistake, UKIP scare the Establishment witless, and they will stoop at nothing to trash, denigrate and generally ridicule UKIP. It backfires of course, the more they do it, the more the support for UKIP. A colleague of mine who isn't a UKIP supporter said that “It's unfair to the extent that even as a Tory, I'd be tempted to vote UKIP” Nuff said.

  3. I know how he feels. I've always voted Conservative, but not this time. Not that it matters as I live in a safe seat.

  4. As Anne Diamond pointed out on Sky this morning, the other parties have people who are just as daft but they don't get reported because they either mainstream or no threat. Try going to a Green Party conference and you'll see what I mean!

  5. If people woke up to what the future holds, (ISIS and public executions for being white), UKIP would garner 75% of the votes in May. The other 25% being lefties, luvvies and race industry, wealthy beneficiaries, of appeasement to mass immigrant hordes and their EUSSR masters.

  6. “…they can't debate the issues so they discredit the individuals…”

    That's been standard Labour procedure for decades:- and, more recently adopted by Cameron's BluLab. (I won't include LibDems & Greens as they're irrelevant).

  7. Whilst the majority of the UK electorate are rendered impotent and uninterested by the 'bread & circuses' bribes of the ruling élite, change will never happen.

    I'm with Churchill who said that a 5-minute conversation with the average voter is a damed good argument against democracy.

    Although I do like the idea of democracy, I wonder if it's ever been tried…

  8. Leicester is indeed a shit hole and, strangely enough, is full of Pakis.

  9. rapscallion

    Well quite. I stopped voting for the Tories after 1992. Maastricht was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. That's the moment the scales fell from the eyes and I saw them for what they really were. Treasonous, EU-loving troughers.