Streetlife, the local social network

As anyone who read my recent nomination on “…is a cunt” will have realised, I’m somewhat pissed off with Streetlife.

Earlier, I received a piece of junk mail addressed to “The lovely person who lives at…” I am driven to wonder at the standard of person who came out with that patronising piece of drivel. Anyone who knows me will testify that there is no such person at this address. But I digress..

According to the blurb, Streetlife is “a free and simple website that connects you with people in your local area so together you can make the most of where you live.” It’s supposed to help you build a sense of local community and air topics of interest to your neighbours. A problem shared is, after all, a problem halved.

Or is it?

Well, I’ve been on Streetlife for a year or so now. It’s full of vaguely interesting and often infuriating pieces of drivel. In our town, the main beef seems to be about the outrageously expensive parking fees. Actually, they’re amazingly cheap in my opinion. Unfortunately, this where the snag comes in – because you’re not actually allowed to disagree on Streetlife. Perhaps they feel it would ruin the sense of togetherness and cohesion they seem so keen to promote.

I’ve had so many of my comments – and even whole topics – thrown off Streetlife because it’s ridiculously easy to do. If someone dislikes anything you say, they just click on the ‘report’ button, fill in a form and “Whoosh!” the ‘offending’ item instantly vanishes.

Then you get some sanctimonious automated fucking email telling you that you have violated their standards by offending someone who offended you in the first place. It’s the ultimate in automated, instant, user driven censorship.

I believe in free speech and community spirit. It’s shame that this bunch of hypocrites doesn’t practice what it preaches and do the same. It’s a good idea but it’s appallingly executed.

I’ve closed my account and I’d advise you all to avoid them like the plague…


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  1. Sounds to me like the sort of place where if your not bald already, you very probably will be after 5 minutes of hair pulling.
    If I believed in community spirit where I live I would have grown a stupid orange beard worn a Burkina and converted to Islam and that ain't happening. “Community” is a word that is now owned by the liberal left, in fact I think they even have the copyright, hence my aversion.
    It is no secret I am not fussy I dislike everyone equally that's why I am a hermit and why we live a life of solitude only going out in public when we need shopping and not talking to people.
    It works for us, neither of us like busy bodies and everywhere is full of them.
    No community is not for me thanks especially highly censored biased leftist community.

  2. “,,, because you're not actually allowed to disagree on Streetlife.”
    Sounds very much like the BBC, the LibLabCon, the Guardian, the Daily Torygraph, EUReferendum blog, ConHome……..etc. etc.

  3. I got this piece of crap through the door. Looked like crap and when I checked it out, it still looked like crap. Why would I want to join this piece of shit? So I didn't. Crappy mailshot went into the bin where it belonged.

  4. I haven't a clue what streetlife is and will it almost certaibnly stay that way because “sign up” before you see anything stops me going any further.

    As for ” you're not actually allowed to disagree “…….try pro smoking websites and similar ones that spout about freedoms being lost and try and disagree with them, I don't get any emails they just silence by deleting….it happened yesterday and will again today if I dare to agree with smoking in cars with children ban on “its all bollocks” blog.

    and Dick puddlecote, Taking liberies and….er , well you get the picture, these blogs want no opposing views just like “streetlife” so thats what happens.

    The outcome of no freedom of speech blogs can be seen in blogrolls everyhwere…they quit cos yes men only debates are boring and fake becasue everyone has a different opnion, the ones that continue like “taking liberties” which should be a massive success amongst 12 million smokers get what they deserve with 12 regular posters.

    Oddly enough when i watched “sky news papers review” this moring I heard disagreement and debate amongst the panel on news stories that you can witness every day , yet on blogs that are supposed to support free speech and campaign about freedoms lost there is harsh censorship by dictators.

    you couldn't make it up.

    P.S perhaps “Streetlife” will become a big success and I may get my chance to vent my anger at the cunts responsible for hanging “dog poo bags” from trees instead of using the bins, so I wont say never with Streetlife.

  5. My post on “its all bollocks” can still be seen @09.37….I keep shoving it back on so Bucko has to return to the blog to delete it,,,he would normally be polishing his car on sunday or adding go faster stripes and stickers to his “pimped up car” or just going absent from the blog for months so fucked up censorship is a pain for him.

    and so it should be..


  6. Unfortunately, Rickie, any attempt to chastise people who hang dog poo bags on trees will probably be met in the same fashion as when I asked – politely I might add – that the local USAF renters of whom there are many around here refrain from starting up their cars at 5:20am and leaving them running to warm up on the drive while they finish their coffee and bagels ( whatever the fuck they are! ).

    Bad enough the cunts wake me up at 5:30 driving past my house without being subjected to multiple car warmings for the preceding 10 minutes. What did Streetlife do? Sent me a shitty warning accusing me of contravening their rules on racist comments. I mean racist FFS!!!

    I just wish the Yanks would shut their air bases and fuck off back to the good ol' U S of A and protect freedom in their own bloody country. Cunts the lot of 'em…

  7. My opinion of USAF officers is completely different to yours, having witnessed sneering upper class twats the looked upon lower ranks or civillians as slaves that were R.A .F officers, the yanks were down to earth friendly approachable and seemed human….having said that, American females that I see as tourists on my travels are usually rather ugly.

    Thats my view on “yanks”….no hang on i would like to rant a little more about the way they portray mexicans in films, why are all Mexcian men , criminals , thick and ugly?…even in Breaking Bad ( brilliant series) the Mexican/Spanish angle was stereotypical piss taking.

    Your Streetlife problems are much the same as mine… offer honest opinion, they deal with trolls.

    I count myself lucky with noises that wake me up…..our last neighbours were early weekend hammer and drill addicts, fucking banging and banging and drilling..they have gone now thank god,the next bearded nutter who hangs tools from his belt ready for action 24 hours a day lives about 75 meters away so only unfortunate wind direction casues me suffering.


  8. I would luv to kick the “Streetlife” inventor straight up his Marxist bollox.

    Luv GAZZER

  9. Well said sir…lol.


  10. I would luv to kick the "Streetlife" inventor straight up his Marxist bollox.Luv GAZZER

  11. Well said sir…lol.GAZZER

  12. I received one of these dubious and patronising invitations today, from the 'Streetlife team', addressed to the 'lovely person who lives at… etc'.

    I'm not joining.

    It reminds me of the 'Big Society' ideology David Cameron was trying to peddle to the public some time back.

    In my opinion it's all a load of crap.

  13. I received one of these dubious and patronising invitations today, from the 'Streetlife team', addressed to the 'lovely person who lives at… etc'.I'm not joining.It reminds me of the 'Big Society' ideology David Cameron was trying to peddle to the public some time back. In my opinion it's all a load of crap.

  14. Agree absolutely. Have caught them out screwing around with our computer systems. I won't go into complete detail but are playing an unlawful censoring game, like allowing me to see my posts, but not anyone else, threads that are visible to me are not visible if I log on as guest. on one thread whilst I can see all my stuff they have denied me access to a friend's post yet he cannot see mine but the rest of thread. No notification of course. Checked it all out with an anonymous laptop on a wi fi link and they are “sitting” on my router. This is NOT the inoccuous benign project they claim it to be. STAY AWAY!