Scotland and Project Fear

Let me say I’m not Scottish and I’m not an Englishman living in Scotland. I’ve only visited there once in the last 40 years and that was this year. I liked what I saw. I have a couple of friends that live near Glasgow. So – end of affinity with the place and, hopefully, a fairly unbiased view on the independence issue unveiled yesterday.

Right up front I have to say that I’m a little concerned about the code for the campaign for the ‘No’ vote : Project Fear. This seems to rather sum up the attitude of the ‘No’ team and strikes a chord with the campaign against UKIP. As Farage puts it “If you can’t win the argument then you need to discredit the other side.” On other words, brand them as a bunch of hapless irresponsible lunatics who should be written off out of hand.

Such tactics are unworthy of our elected representatives. But then, what’s new?…

Let’s look at the issues that have so far been thrown up by the ‘No’ team and see if they hold water.

The SNP say that they want to retain Sterling as the Scottish currency. The ‘No’ team say this won’t be possible. Why not? There’s lots of smaller countries still using it. There was a time when most of the Commonwealth used it. It’s a better choice than the Euro. Call it something else if you like and then peg it at par to Sterling, what’s the difference?

Ah, yes – that would mean that the Bank of England wouldn’t have overall control of the currency. Well, we already have a Bank of Scotland that issues its own notes. They already have devolved authority. Lots of diverse countries use the Euro. It’s the same principal.

Then there’s the bitching about keeping the Queen as the head of State. Why is that such an issue? She’s a constitutional monarch not a President. She’s good enough for the Commonwealth nations. She’s good enough for Canada, Australia and New Zealand so why not for Scotland? Have we forgotten that she’s directly in line from King James VI of Scotland? I can’t see the problem.

Then there’s the nukes. We want to keep the nukes in Scotland, but the Scots want them out. However, they want to stay in NATO so again, what’s the problem? They’ll just lease the bases out to raise money and we’ll carry on as usual, won’t we?

On the EU, Scotland says it wants to remain in the EU. The detractors say that might not be possible. The important word here is ‘might’. It’s pure conjecture. Remember Yugoslavia? Well Croatia and Slovenia used to be one country. Now they’re part of the EU. Montenegro used to be part of Yugoslavia but as a small country needed a strong currency so it adopted the Deutchmark – so why shouldn’t Scotland adopt Sterling? When Germany joined the Euro, Montenegro went along so now they’re in the Euro but not in the EU. So explain to me why it ‘might’ not also be possible?

Danny Alexander – the token LibDem at the treasury – has warned that Scottish taxpayers face a £1,000 a year tax increase if Scotland breaks away. But that’s based on the way things are at the moment and surely the entire point of Scottish independence is to change the way things are at the moment, isn’t it? Looks to me like scare tactics and pure conjecture based on meaningless supposition.

And while we’re at it, click to see Alastair Darling’s comments on the publication of yesterday’s SNP white paper. Read it carefully – and then think back to the opening comments in this post. There’s not one single solitary fact in the entire piece. It’s pure scaremongering coupled with rubbishing Alex Salmond, the SNP and the ‘Yes’ campaign. Gutter politics. Discredit the other side because you’ve nothing to say.

I know I’ve only scratched the surface and discussed a few issues, but Scotland deserves a proper debate and it the ‘No’ campaign carries on like this, then they’ll hand votes to the other side on a plate.

And it will serve them right. ‘Project Fear’ indeed! Bloody idiots!

6 responses to “Scotland and Project Fear

  1. D,

    You open the debate by stating that you are unbiased and then proceed to trash one team of two in the match. 🙂

    I hear you when you say you have no skin in the game, so you argue dispassionately. I am here. I have to listen to stupid reasons for leaving the Union. I rarely hear positive reasons. That's mostly because the YES camp don't provide any. There are many reasons to break away from Westminster, but to simply join the EU and be forced into the euro has to be the stupidest plan in a sea of stupid.

    Scotland cannot pretend to be independent by relying on a foreign bank to control their currency. Keeping the pound is ridiculous. Moving to the euro is dangerous. Look at Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy. They are not doing well at all.

    Keeping the monarch doesn't make much sense either. I think that the SNP have stated this loudly and clearly because, despite my misgivings about her right to call herself the monarch, the Scots mainly have affection for the old lady. But constitutionally it makes no sense at all.

    Salmond and his merry crew don't seem to want to change much at all.

    I actually think independence would be good for Scotland.

    But this version is nothing like independence.


  2. Yeah – alright Cap'n – you make a good point!

    I have no axe to grind either way – really! – but all the noise yesterday seemed to be coming from people like Alistair Darling in the 'No' camp so I guess I'm guilty of reacting to that. Then I think I might have run out of steam?

    I totally agree with you about the Fourth Reich and the Euro but that just means staying in Sterling makes sense doesn't it? On the other hand, Eire made it work when they broke away.

    I think the Queen question is largely irrelevant. What does it really matter who the head of state is. Having said that, the Irish President's role is largely ceremonial so I guess that could work in Scotland.

    If people would like to jump in on the Yes or No side then I'm happy to air their views on this blog either as comment or guest posts.

    Incidentally, I thought your piece yesterday was good as was Old Righties overnight.

    Oh, and have fun in Germany!

  3. backofanenvelope

    What never seems to get mentioned is that the SNP are socialists. Do you think the Scots have not noticed that anything planned by socialists costs far more than originally estimated – and doesn't work anyway!

  4. Ignoble Caledonian.

    Believe it or not, living in Glasgow I am completely bored already with all the attention in the media during the months before the paper was published yesterday. There is really nothing new in it, and at the end of the day, it is mainly conjecture. To me it seems a gamble for Scotland to become independent, and voters just have to take pot luck.

  5. I wouldn't worry too much about the vote cos you will not be registered to vote Ranty. The sheeple will decide how the vote goes on the referendum for freemen such as yourself who are not on electoral registers.

    Mock jocks known as cocks won't get a vote either cos they aint scottish and don't live in Scotland.

    A waste of time bleating about politics when you remove yourself from taking part in it.

  6. At least Scotland is getting a vote. Where's that fucking EU referendum you promised us, Cameron – you lying bastard??? And don't blame Clegg for blocking it because the mouthwash ain't making it!

    And while we're at it, how come England is the only country in the UK that doesn't have it's own parliament?