Great. A charity for charities…

FFS! Old jug ears is at it again.

This time he’s decided that the way to cure the ills of the country is get young people off the streets and the dole queues by encouraging them to ‘Step Up 2 Serve’ and work for nothing. He believes – yes, he actually believes! – that the way to tackle street violence and gang crime is to encourage young people to do more work in the community.

Well, if you ever wanted a better example of just how completely out of touch our potential King is, then you needed look much further. And, more worryingly, he’s got the support of all three party leaders.

They’re all getting together to launch the strategy which effectively amounts to a charity to encourage people to get involved in other charities.

Charlie said: “I believe that such a long-term campaign, which is supported by all sectors of society and involving faith and political leaders, education, business, trade unions and the voluntary sector, has a unifying vision. That vision is that all of us, from all walks of life, will ‘step up’ and pledge, at #iwill, to help young people take every opportunity to be of service to others.”

Let’s get this straight. The way to tackle street crime and gangs is to get some growth back in to the economy to provide meaningful – note I say ‘meaningful’ – employment opportunities for people on the dole, to step up the standards of education and in-school discipline so that youngsters get a proper education, to stop criminal gangs having free access across our meaningless EU borders and to tackle the excessive benefits culture.

It’s certainly not to expect people to work for nothing when they can get paid to sit on their arses.

And it’s certainly not ‘supported by all sectors of society’ – so get a grip!


2 responses to “Great. A charity for charities…

  1. Wank me silly with a foundry workers glove! Of course the politicians are on onboard as this ‘initiative’ will cost fuck all. The cynical old buggers know that this one is a non-starter. However, it costs nothing to placate and humour the ‘royal thick one.’ It will die a death and be heard from no more. As for aforementioned one: what fucking planet does he hail from? Not planet earth and that’s for sure. The gang members and youth on the dole will be queuing up to sign on for this one. Looks like the prince has solved all the nations’ ills in one inspired stroke. I no longer live in the UK but the good burghers of GB can be reassured by the fact that the ‘kings of England’ have held no real power for a very long time.

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