Too many cunts…

As the party conference season in England has drawn to a close, I was amused to hear this little piece by my good friend ChasC which kinda summed it all up.

Coupled with the reception I’ve been getting over on Max Farquar’s blog lately – where the lunatics have taken over the asylum – it seemed rather apposite!


* * *  UPDATE * * *

I just had the displeasure of watching that total cunt Ed Miliband on BBC Breakfast. He was being interviewed about the comments the Daily Mail made about his father.

The smug little bastard was so upset that he used the opportunity to push his ludicrous energy price policy and bitch about living standards.

Yeah, you’re really incensed aren’t you, Ed? You bloody hypocrite!

Anyone who thinks this prat should be Prime Minister has to be a cunt…

< steam comes out of ears at this point >

2 responses to “Too many cunts…

  1. Flaxen Saxon

    Reminiscent of the late, great Ian Drury (may he rust in piece).

  2. I confess he has been a big influence on some of my stuff. Well spotted.