Christian GPs and the pill

A row has erupted after a Christian-run NHS GP surgery in Mottingham posted a notice warning that some of its doctors refuse to prescribe the morning-after pill to patients on grounds of conscience.

So if you get raped in Mottingham, then don’t think about going to this set of GPs and asking for help because the fair minded, good churchgoers will tell you to get stuffed – although, come to think of it, that’s why you went there in the first place, so to speak.

It is incredible to me that in the 21st century where women have been given the choice of whether to allow their bodies to be used to breed babies that doctors are allowed under the law to refuse to prescribe contraception.

It is bad enough that they won’t prescibe the pill as a routine method to married women. At least they can get the pill elsewhere. But to refuse to prescribe the morning after pill is just barbaric.

You don’t go to the doctor for this medication as a routine measure. It’s for emergencies.

Now whilst you might feel little sympathy for a woman who goes on the piss on a Saturday night and gets laid in a drunken fumble behind the bus shelter, it’s quite another thing to refuse it in the case of rape victims.

But, of course, they’re all the same in the eyes of the church – and loose morals are loose morals, after all. They must have been gagging for it!



4 responses to “Christian GPs and the pill

  1. Flaxen Saxon

    When have GP’s been our moral arbiters? Perhaps they should do what they are paid to do and that is practice medicine.

  2. If a woman had been raped, I'm more than certain the Doctor doing the once over on her down the nick would be more than happy to proscribe it. Also as for the "Perhaps they should do what they are paid to do and that is practice medicine". Where does it say anything in a Doctors contract that they have to prescribe anything the patient requires? Now I might have missed that bit, but if you can actually point to it, I'm off down the Docs tomorrow to demand he prescribe me a sack load of dihydrocodeine, cos it's me right innit…

  3. Mick Anderson

    I seem to remember something about a loophole created to allow certain dispensing chemists to "prescribe" the Morning After pill.The rationale was that it was unecessary in most cases for a busy Doctor to be involved, and that a chemist could always decline if there was some reason why the pill wasn't suitable (for example, conflict with another medication)Presumably something as practical as this has been stamped on by the vested interests….

  4. Thanks for your comments. I agree that moral and medical judgements should be kept separate and thanks for pointing out that there are other places you can get this treatment if the good christian churchgoers refuse to prescribe it…