Special Offer: 2 weeks in Pyongyang. Book now!

A trip to the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea is the trip of a lifetime! And, now for a limited period, we are able to offer exclusive tours at big discounts.

Your tour of a lifetime will include :

  • Kumsusan Memorial Palace (Mausoleum of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il) and other Pyongyang highlights
  • The mass games where dissidents are wheeled in to the arena to be beaten by selected members of the glorious leader’s entourage.
  • Panmunjom/DMZ – Experience a night in a watch tower overlooking the border with South Korea
  • May Day – one of the most fun national holidays in the DPRK
  • Visit the top secret nuclear reprocessing plant where the Glorious Leader’s nuclear weapons program is being developed (No photographs allowed)
  • Newly-opened War Museum and the USS Pueblo at its new location

The most comfortable hotels, business class flights, the best restaurants, the best guides and the most luxurious experience possible in North Korea tourism. Accompanied by DPRK travel specialist, we use only the best hotels in the country, including the Bukchang which claims over 150,000 guests.

Satisfied client, Keneth Bae, says…“It’s a life changing experience that I guarantee you will never forget. The hospitality and attention of the North Koreans is truly unique!”

Book now to avoid disappointment!


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