Shitipedia: U is for United Nations

The United bloody Nations. The lion of the so called civilised world. An organisation run by a towering diplomatic powerhouse and which causes despots and tyrants everywhere to quake in their boots. Not.

Ban Ki Moon. The man is a laughing stock. A non-entity appointed by the member nations just because they want someone ineffective in the job. They don’t want to be told what to do! Whatever next? Unthinkable!

The Security Council. A top table that never gets anything meaningful done because any member can veto their resolutions. And even if they don’t, the countries concerned just ignore them anyway.

Syria. North Korea. The list is endless of countries who continue to do exactly what they like and stick two fingers up to the UN. If they can be bothered. Indifference is the usual response.

But they’ve got peacekeepers! Well, they borrow them from supportive nations like the UK, which is not quite the same thing. Policemen of the world; a rapid response force that is ready to do fuck all at the drop of a hat.


But never mind, because on the good side, U is also for ‘Underwater’ – good stuff like pretty fish and coral reefs. Well, while there’s still some left, anyway…


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