Back to the trough…

Confirmation from the Fourth Reich that snouts are well and truly back in the trough!

Baroness Ashton (I think she’s the one on the right?) is the EU High Representative of Foreign Affairs. She is stepping down from the post next year – but the Reich will pay her £133,500 a year until 2017 as a “transitional allowance”.

That’s almost £400,000 of your taxes.

This is apparently intended to compensate senior officials such as the Baroness for restrictions they face in the months leaving office – in the first 18 months after leaving she will not be allowed to take any post that does not meet with EU approval.

So why not just get a job that does meet with their approval? Your guess is as good as mine.

In the meantime, what exactly will she be required to do whilst receiving this money? Well, fuck all so maybe that’s the answer?

But don’t feel too sorry for her, because she will be able to qualify for an additional £300 a day out of your taxes for attending the House of Lords.

Nice work – or not work – if you can get it.

And we wonder why people in this country would rather take money off the state that work. Strikes me the problem starts right at the top of the tree…


2 responses to “Back to the trough…

  1. Ignoble Caledonian.

    Completely unsuited to the post by temperament or training,she was talentless and ineffective. Her appointment was pure political expediency and a complete waste of money in the first place. The european gravy train never stops.

  2. >> That's almost £400,000 of your taxes.should be "That's OVER £400,000 of your taxes.":(as you say nice "work" if you can get it.