Paris Brown : What’s she for?

Much criticism has been levied at the change from Police Authorities to Police and Crime Commissioners. We’ve debated the pros and cons of that one many times.

But can someone please tell me what is the point of a youth police and crime commissioner?

Well, apparently, it was intended to act as a way for the force to engage and liaise with young people.

Paris Brown is a 17 year old school leaver who has been appointed to the role by the PCC for Kent, Ann Barnes. She will receive a salary of £15,000 a year when she takes up the role in July ater serving an apprenticeship. The summary will be ‘part funded’ by the £85,000 a year we piss up the wall on her boss – a boss whose judgement must surely be called into question. The rest of the £15,000 will come out of taxes.

Unfortunately, Miss Brown has been engaging with young people on Twitter. In her postings, she talked about wanting to make “hash brownies” and of being high on “so many prescribed drugs” as well as becoming “anti-social, racist and sexist” when drunk.

In one posting two months ago she wrote: “F**cking hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too!! IT IS CALLED ENGLISH. LEARN IT” while in others she referred to immigrants as “illegals” and travellers as “pikeys.”

Miss Brown said yesterday that her comments had been “naive and stupid” and insisted she had “grown up” since they were made, and Ann Barnes has said she sees no reason for the teenager to be sacked or resign. Her local MP disagrees. So do I.

Anyway, it’s now academic because she has chosen – or was told, I wonder which? – to resign. Of course, the person who should have resigned is Ann Barnes for being so stupid as to appoint her in the first place.

After all, if you were appointing a kid who’s not even old enough to vote to a role engaging with the young, wouldn’t you check her Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts before offering her the job?


8 responses to “Paris Brown : What’s she for?

  1. Ann Barnes was probably the worst choice for Kent's PC: see Private Eyes passim.

  2. Interested in her Wiki entry."In 2011 she was "reminded of her responsibilities" when she broke impartiality rules by campaigning AGAINST the government's introduction of elected police and crime commissioners across the country, describing the policy as "naive and disastrous"[12] and "a willful waste of money"[13] that would "inevitably lead towards a confrontational model of governance."Then …"Despite her opposition to the creation of the post, Barnes announced in July 2012 that she was going to contest the police and crime commissioner election in November 2012 as an independent candidate."Huh???? What the f …?????Oh I see …"Barnes' opponents alleged that the Liberal Democrats backed her campaign".Limp Dumbers – never too far away from a 180 degree turn.Paris Brown. Fuck me.I saw somewhere she was described as the best of the 164 applicants for this post. And that's all you need to know about modern Britain folks.I don't know what the point of her is Mr D. I saw her apologising through a blubbering fit of pathetic excusery on TV a few days ago which at least gave me a laugh. She kept referring to her tweets being "taken out of context". Can you please explain how the fucking fuck they were "taken out of context" then Ms Brown? Go on, I dare ya. It's a nice easy thing to say after all, so why don't you just cash those cheques that your mouth is writing?Taken out of context – to report (something) without taking into account the context in which it occurred. So why don't you put them back into the context in which they were actually delivered and just let us judge for ourselves whether they still merit you getting the sack? Can't do that? Nope, didn't think so.I don't know what the point of people like her is, let alone the point of this crassly devised bullshit 'job'. 15 grand a year for this walking estuary version of Miss Piggy? You've gotta fucking kidding me.The delicious irony of hearing yesterday morning that she was being investigated BY THE KENT POLICE (mwahahahahahahahah!) and then later on that she'd fallen on her own sword. Good on the fucker who made the complaint against her, that's pure class.It could appear that I'm a bit of a vindictive bastard, but I find that you absolutely must take as much pleasure as possible when you see yet another bonkers political game go so car-crashingly wrong.Happy days.

  3. Thanks, Humph. Most interesting.Can't make up my mind which of the dumb fuckers to put on ISAC. Perhaps I'll post both of them?..Watcha reckon?Sure you could come up with a pithy write up for it (hint, hint)!

  4. Gone for the latter option and cunted them both. After all, one's a stupid as the other…

  5. I do not require the Police to "engage and liaise with young people"; I require them to keep young people under control, with a kicking if needs be.The only suitable candidate for 'youth police and crime commissioner' would be one of those One Youth Crime Wave persons who has since seen the error of his ways; they do exist, I knew one well some years ago and he developed some very interesting ideas on crime prevention which involved a lot of said kicking but very little cost.

  6. Definitely both worth a nom.

  7. The ghastly chav scarecrow picture appears to be that of an old woman with a half-melted face. Why don't you post one of Miss Brown instead?

  8. Twenty_Rothmans

    Barnes was a teacher.I went to good schools and had mostly excellent teachers. But I did ask myself why a guy in his mid forties was teaching mathematics to 17 year olds, year after year.Paris Barnes might be a munter but she can make something of herself – she has time. Ann Barnes, is, in my opinion, a worthless wreck who lacks the decency that Paris showed by resigning.Ann Barnes sums up what Labour has done to us. Sclerotic, shameless, ugly and stupid.Was I an idiot when I was 17? You betcha.