Proud to be British?

I’m not.

Not when the scum that have taken over this country, the feral brainwashed youth of the left and their like, are holding impromptu street parties to celebrate the death of someone regarded in the international community as one of the strongest leaders this country has ever produced.

Clearly, many people disliked the woman. Clearly she divided opinion. Clearly her politics were are odds with her opponents.

But no matter how much you hate, despise or oppose someone there can be no excuse for celebrating their death with a street party. I despise Blair, Brown, Mandelson, Galloway and many others – but if one of them died tomorrow, I’d have more dignity than to crack open a bottle of Bolly.

And to make things worse, just take a look at the picture. These people weren’t even alive when Thatcher was in power.

Surely to God this country just sank to an all time low.

Proud to be British? Thatcher was. But today, I’m just plain embarrassed…


7 responses to “Proud to be British?

  1. Flaxen Saxon

    Embarrassed too, Mr D. Irrespective of your political viewpoint this represents repugnant behaviour and is truly a disgusting spectacle. I'm glad I'm not there to see it.

  2. I share your thoughts. As reported by News24: "…former cabinet minister and ANC NEC member Pallo Jordan has reportedly welcomed the death of the former prime minister of Britain, who once referred to the ANC as a terrorist organisation. "I've just sent a letter of congratulations," Jordan, who was the ANC's chief propagandist in exile during the apartheid era, told Britain's Guardian newspaper. "I say good riddance.""I say, those who celebrate another's death like this, are common as muck. Period.

  3. I'm not proud either, I'm disgusted, appalled and ashamed at the behaviour of some of my fellow citizens on the death of an old lady suffering fron Alzheimers. I just hope their behaviour does great damage to the socialist cause because I want nothing whatsoever to do with them, and the next time I'm approached by a socialist worker selling their rag in the shopping precinct they'll get a piece of my mind.

  4. One of those inarticulate wankers was on BBC Radio 2 this afternoon (against John Gaunt so he was always going to lose).He was reduced to blaming Mrs T. for the deaths in Iraq and repeated this several times despite being reminded (if he ever know) that the Iraq war was launched by Tony Blair.

  5. Anon, there was a post over on Max Farquar about the right wing reaction when Foot died which I thought was quite pertinent. They were a bit more toned down, but as I remember they didn't hold street parties. Interesting comparison.Banned, I'm not in the least surprised! You cannot educate pork!

  6. Is the Left the new Islamic fundamentalist? Both are consumed with burning hatred for any viewpoint different from their own, offer vitriolic insults and accusations if you question their actions, and take an obscene delight in the sorrows of those they consider to be enemies. Their ugliness, both physical and mental, show them to be beneath contempt. The sad thing is they look upon comments like this as a battle honour.Penseivat