Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

Margaret Thatcher has died of a stroke at the age of 87.

Thatcher was like Marmite. You either loved her or hated her. I tend towards the former and am not afraid to say so.

Thatcher was arguably the best British PM since Churchill. She did more to establish the equality of women in the UK than any woman since Emily Pankhurst. She was British through and through and proud of it.

She took no shit from anyone. After the unions put paid to Heath, she made damn sure that Scargill and his commie friends weren’t going to do the same to her. When the Argies invaded the Falklands, she kicked their arses back to Argentina. Thousands of people own their own houses because of her policies. And the EU took a good handbagging when they messed with her.

Ironically she was brought down by a tax that was eminently fair, the poll tax. And where was she whilst she was being knifed in the back by her Tory colleagues? In Paris – fighting our corner in the EU.

OK, she had her faults. She had an unfortunate way of making you feel patronised when she spoke. She didn’t tolerate fools gladly and it showed. She was accused of being presidential and autocratic in her style.

But, love her or hate her, she was a strong leader and she stood up for us. More so than any of those that have followed her.

This country changed forever under her. I think for the better, but no doubt many will disagree…


11 responses to “Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013)

  1. Hear, hear.RIP Maggie, how we need someone of your calibre now.

  2. I doubt we will see her like for a long, long time if ever.Well not until we can remove the career politicians currently trying to run the country to suit themselves.

  3. Since the 'long knives' of the europhile loons removed her from her office there has been no Leader of Britain just poodles.

  4. She took the country from the verge of collapse and turned it around.Thirteen years of Labour and we're back to square one.The irony is that many of the underachieving lefties who are celebrating her demise are not even old enough to remember life before she was PM.Just a bunch of "useful idiots", as the soviets used to say.

  5. What a fantastic woman!She dragged this country kicking and screaming out of the lethargy and decline of the 60's and 70's.Love her or loathe her, you knew precisely where you stood with her.She was an unashamed patriot who only wanted what was best for Britain and the Britsh people.The current crop of politicians aren't fit to lick her boots.RIP Maggie

  6. This past 24 hours has really shown what a repulsive, loathsome and totally despicable bunch of wankers those on the Left are.I can readily understand the feelings of hatred which some felt towards her. Personally I was fairly ambivalent at the time as I was a bit too young & frankly I didn't really fucking care much about politics anyway.But now I'm that much older and care very much indeed, and I really can empathise with people who can develop such a visceral hatred of one person as did the scumbags I've been watching and listening to. All I have to do is think of the names Brown, Blair, Harman, Prescott, Miliband, Abbott and most of all Balls. I absolutely despise them and their ilk with every fibre of my being, but not even for half a nanosecond would I ever consider celebrating their death.I note that some of those listed above and others of the Leftish persuasion trotted out the platitudinous comments to be expected from vote harvesters yesterday. I'd love to know what they said behind closed doors though. Given the practically rabid feelings of malevolence which were on display within certain spheres of the Left yesterday, it would surprise me not at all if a few surreptitious bottles of Bolly weren't broken out in Islington last night.What is fucking wrong with people? Graceless cunts.

  7. Thanks you all for your comments. It is interesting to note no-one has slagged her off or said they're glad she's dead – so I assume that the readers of this blog are of a better class than those street partying and celebrating her death!I think Humph summed them all up in one word : 'graceless' just says it all…I also find it interesting that she has never been nominated on '…is a cunt' although the same cannot be said for many other British politicians.I can't wait to see what the 'graceless cunts' dream up for her funeral. I suspect we will be glad the armed forces are present and most likely ashamed to be British when we she how the great and benevolent left behaves. Ashamed is certainly how I felt yesterday. Brain dead bastards, the lot of them! Galloway, Hatton and Livingston the worst of the worst…

  8. I recommend that you read this piece by Old Rightie for it's accurate and eloquent portrayal of the feral left.

  9. Absolutely agree with Humph, I too am utterly gobsmacked by the thought of death celebration parties.Respect? Condolences? decency? Not a word. Where is their equality mantra, the right "to be" mantra now. Fucking shameful. I second Graceless Cunts even if it not my usual language.With luck it may cost them more than respect.

  10. Flaxen Saxon

    Yep, Maggie certainly polarised the nation and in death continues to do so. Predictably, politicians of a certain persuasion are gloating while others mourn the demise of a great leader. There are celebrations on the streets of Glasgow. Interestingly, when I mentioned to my wife that my son had posted on facebook about her death she naturally assumed that it was something negative; it wasn’t. My son had expressed genuine sorrow at her passing. Of course, my dozy son had not lived through the ‘Thatcher years’ and has no real grasp of how she had changed Britain. I think he had picked up on her heroic aspect, not only in war, but in politics too (Oh, to be young again!). Maggie is more revered in the United States than in Britain, probably for the same reason.For sober reflection on her contribution to British and world affairs I think we will have to wait awhile- once the dust settles and historians get to work. For me, I don’t think Maggie (for all her qualities) enters the first rank of the ‘Great Politicians’ and not because I disagreed with much of what she had to say and did. I mean it in a more fundamental sense. Maggie’s success as a politician lay in her steadfastness, her strong character and an unshakeable belief in that she was doing the right thing. However, she lacked a certain flexibility in her thinking which let her down in the end. Highly astute and great politicians have this flexibility in thought and action. The Poll tax illustrates my point. I’m not going to comment on whether it was a fairer tax than which it replaced but at least the old system worked. Houses don’t move about. Your house has a tendency to stay up put unless you are a gypsy. People can move and did. Substantial numbers of the British public ‘disappeared’. We moved from a system where 99% of people paid to a system where only 75% paid. The poll tax fiasco contributed greatly to Maggie’s downfall. Maggie believed the system was fair but failed to take into account basic human nature; I wonder whether Winston would have made the same mistake.

  11. Interesting, FS. The poll tax became a blueprint for many ideas that were to follow – to wit Clegg's Mansion Tax and his party's earlier Local Income Tax plans.Or Cameron's wonderful idea to give benefits to a couple earning £59,999 each but deny it to a family where the one bread winner gets £60,000.These are all ideas that are great in theory but badly thought through and impractical. It seems politicians never learn tho'