The other side of the Vatican coin…

From Flaxen Saxon…

I’m not so convinced about our new Pope.

Just a couple of points to ponder:

Not sure the new Pope is a ‘humble man of the people’ as he makes out. The Catholic Church is a political organisation and therefore those clerics that do well and advance through the ranks to the dizzy heights of Cardinal tend to be astute politicians.

Politicians are not noted for being overly humble. Politics attracts a certain type and to be successful you have to be ambitious and unprincipled. Kissing the odd ‘leper’ in public does not make you humble, it makes you a politician.

Secondly, the Pope must conform to catholic dogma (at least in public) and the philosophy of the ‘Angelic Doctor’, notwithstanding any personal views he may have. I conjecture that the catholic hierarchy are more in tune with the modern secular thought and belief systems, than they let on.

I also contend that Thomist philosophy and catholic dogma are medieval systems and rightly belong to the middle ages. They are contrary to reason and should be viewed only in their historical context; they have no part to play in modern belief systems. I suspect that his elevation might be seen as a shrewd (and possibly cynical) move by the Cardinals.

A humble man in tune with the people might be a way to distract attention from the horrendous abuses practiced by the Catholic Church in general and certain catholic clergy in particular.

My thanks to Flaxen Saxon for a well reason argument and an alternative view of the new boy at the Vatican. I thought ‘so far, so good’ but at the end of the day time will tell…


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