MPs expenses : Nothing changes

News this week that nothing really changes with our MPs attitudes to ripping off the taxpayer to feather their own nest despite all the excrement that hit the fans over moats and duck houses not so long back…

Even though the last speaker of the House of Commons was sacked when it emerged that he was refusing to disclose details of what ‘honourable’ members were up to, it seems that John Bercow, the current speaker, has learned nothing and believes that he is so almighty important that he can get away with doing exactly the same thing again.

This time it’s to do with MPs renting their houses out to each other in order to build up nice little nest eggs using our money. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) has been prevented from publishing details of MP’s landlords “for security reasons”. What tosh!

IPSA’s reversal of it’s earlier decision to publish came despite the former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – a high profile victim of the earlier scandal –  commenting that the attempt to block details about MPs’ expenses is “doomed to failure” and that “Bercow’s effort to stop the expenses regulator from disclosing the names of MPs’ landlords was “wrong and it won’t last.”

Apparently, Bercow was also concerned that releasing the information might cause “unwarranted damage and distress” which leads us to question exactly what he has to hide or what pressures he is bowing to from the people he is supposed to regulate?

There are, of course, rules that prevent this practice, but then again rules are for the likes of us and not for our illustrious leaders, aren’t they?

Time for another change of speaker, perhaps?…


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