"You cannot be serious…"

When I heard over the weekend that the Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to the Fourth Reich, the words of John McEnroe immediately began to ring on my ears…

“You cannot be serious!”

And if you are in any doubt that if there was ever a more seriously misplaced award, then just take a look at the picture above which shows peace breaking out on the streets of Athens a few short weeks ago.

The Germans, of course, see things slightly differently. “27 countries, 23 languages, 67 years of peace: we may all be a little bit proud of that,” says the best-selling Bild newspaper on its front page. Mind you, even they went on to say that they were “hugely astonished” at the decision.

Personally, I thought the Daily Telegraph summed it up nicely when it said “To take this decision seriously would be to give the Nobel committee a status that, many would argue, it no longer deserves. Indeed the greatest service it has done is not to diplomacy, but to comedy.”

“EU have got to be joking!” was a headline in The Sun, while even the more pro-European Independent ran the news on its front page alongside a picture of rioting on the streets of Athens with a quote from the Nobel committee: “A unique project that replaced war with peace”.

I have written many times on the Red House Agreement and the creation of the Fourth Reich with it’s plans to take over Europe using economic warfare. In Italy, the expression is openly used in their press and the Greeks were kept out of the streets of central Athens last week when the Fuhrer came to make sure their puppet Greek prime minister was carrying out his instructions.

To the Nobel Committee, I say this. You want peace? Fine. Go for the EU version of peace – a single nation under the yoke of slavery. Maybe next year you could give the prize to President Assad after he’s wiped out all the opposition to him in Syria. It’ll be peaceful then for sure.

I am minded also of the words of George Armstrong Custer, who claimed to be a peace loving man. When questioned, he is reported to have said “There ain’t nothing as peaceful as a dead indian!”

Yep. McEnroe got it right…


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