I like to think of myself as an intelligent sort of bloke – so can somebody explain to me exactly what all the fucking fuss is about?

As I understand it, some bloke who’s in the government tried to ride his bike into Downing Street and was accosted by a jobsworth copper who basically told him to piss off. He got upset and basically told him to piss off instead. All seems perfectly natural and reasonable to me. Oh – hang on tho’. Apparently he might have used the word ‘pleb’.

I looked up the word in the Oxford dictionary. It’s short for ‘plebian’ which, in ancient Rome where the word originated, means an ordinary citizen. Now I could understand it if Mitchell had said something like “Why don’t you fuck off, you Nazi gestapo fucking pig filth!” but he didn’t.

Now we move on to him meeting with the police. Apparently they are all getting worked up because two of their officers – who naturally would never, ever collude – both have a note of him using the word ‘pleb’ in their notebooks. They say that Cameron is weak, because by not sacking the guy he is calling the whole process of policemen using their notebooks in court to give evidence into doubt.

Mind you, I thought that every time a defence lawyer crossed examined a police witness, that was exactly what they were doing anyway.

It’s a storm in a teacup. Cameron is right to dismiss it. As an educated man, he probably realises that he was elected by a process known as plebiscite (‘election by consensus of the ordinary people’) and that therefore the word ‘pleb’ is not actually much of an insult, and certainly not a swear word.

The police need to get a grip and stop playing politics. The media need to find another story to obsess about – like something actually newsworthy – and we need to forget the whole stupid incident.

Because that’s about all it warrants if we’re honest about it.


4 responses to “Plebgate

  1. Mitchell is a total twat though. It's obvious to the thickest of dullards that he called them plebs, so why doesn't he just fess up and apologise?Because it's too late now, that's why. He's like a child getting increasingly unable to admit that he is lying and just digging an ever-increasing hole for himself.I for one am glad the police are pursuing this cunt and hope they claim their scalp. I am fucking sick of politicians of all colours thinking they are above me, let alone above the law. Obviously it's worse when you have the likes of John 'worst bulimic in the world' Prescott suffering from delusions of grandeur, but all policians need to learn a bit of fucking humility frankly.They are never going to learn or naturally adopt this so I'm pretty happy if it gets kicked into them myself. If that kicking takes the form of the police sticking to their guns and not giving up on this until the scumbag goes down, then that'll do for me as a start.No great fan of the cops, but in this case they seem to be the lesser of two evils.I agree this is a bit of a non-story on the face of it, and it is just yet another example of someone 'taking offence' over something someone said (FFS), and if it was anyone other than a politician I'd totally agree with you. But in this case I want to see the story run and run until Mitchell loses his job. These fuckers are supposed to be servants of the state and I don't want them to forget it.Furthermore, I'd like the police to have pursued Horrible Harmperson back when she was on her phone, crashing her car and driving off whilst saying 'I'm Hairy Fuckhead, you know where you can get me'. It is attitudes like this that need to be changed. If I can't do it with a baseball bat then any other means are good with me.

  2. Follow-up: I just checked to see what happened to the witch as I don't remember, and see she got off with the most lenient fucking punishment she could possibly get. So the cops did pursue her, and got the bitch, sort of.Anyway, point is still the same. She thought she was above everything and so does Mitchell. I want him also to understand that he's actually not. The cunt.

  3. Don't agree with the comment above. Since when is it right that someone gets the sack because opposition mps and police say so. Everyone loses their temper at sometime, not forgetting the word pleb isn't a swear word. The man's an idiot but it's a witchhunt.I agree about Harriet Hateman though!P.S. I'm not a Tory, I'm a Kipper.

  4. If we sacked all the prats in parliament, there'd be very few left.Incidentally, you may not be aware of the ultimate irony : Prescott is up for election as his local police commissioner! Fucking pleb…