Why the Euro is fucked

It’s obvious really, when you think about it.

A couple of weeks ago whilst I was sitting in the sun in Crete, I was contemplating why it is that the Euro just isn’t making it as a currency – and it suddenly came to me in a flash. It’s just too ugly to survive.

I mean, next time you’re abroad just pull out a Euro note. Any denomination will do. They’re small, boring, depict exciting pictures of things like buildings. You just don’t look or feel like they’re worth a lot – which, of course, these days they’re not come to think of it.

But pull out a good old British bank note and there’s history and tradition; pictures of inspirational British people like Stevenson and Adams; that smiling face of our adored monarch. It’s just feels so much more solid somehow…

No, give me a pound of those any day!

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