And the medal goes to…

Well, they may not have actually won a medal, but for some competitors in the Olympics and Paralympics, they got something even better.

James Rutikanga and Eric Ngirinshuti who represented Rwanda in the sitting volleyball team at the paralynpics vanished together with all their belongings during the closing ceremony. Rwandan Chef de Mission (great job title, I thought) Celestin Nzeyimana said that all attempts to trace the pair had proved fruitless. Frankly, I would have thought that a couple black guys in olympic tracksuits rolling along in wheelchairs would have been rather conspicuous – but then, what do I know?

“They went missing without their passports,” added Mr Nzeyimana. “Efforts to find them have so far yielded nothing. We are, however, confident that they will be caught and maybe deported back since they don’t have any documents to prove their presence in London.”

On the same night the pair vanished, a judoka and four officials from the Democratic Republic of Congo also vanished in London.

All in all, more than a dozen athletes from Cameroon, Eritrea, Guinea and the Ivory Coast have gone missing since the end of the games – figuring, I guess, that living illegally in Britain is a far better prize than winning an Olympic event.

And to top it all off, Weynay Ghebresilasie, an 18 year old steeplechaser who carried the flag for Eritrea in the Olympic opening ceremony, has come out of hiding – but only so that he can claim political asylum from the oppressive regime back home.

If there was a competition to find the biggest nation of mugs, I reckon we’d be odds-on for a gold… 


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