Choudrey’s at it again

Never one to miss out on a opportunity to spread religious hatred, here’s our old friend, Anjem Choudrey, at it again outside the American Embassy on Friday afternoon.

Choudrey – a vocal sympathiser of 9/11 attacks – rallied some 150 hard-line Islamists in a march to Grosvenor Square. The demonstrators chanted ‘burn burn USA’ as an American flag went up in flames, in response to the obscure movie which portrayed the prophet as a womanizer and child abuser.

Choudrey is the former UK leader of the al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK organisations – both of which have been outlawed under the Terrorism Act. He now acts as spokesman for the extremist Muslims Against Crusades group.

Popular themes of the afternoon seemed to be ‘Islam will dominate the world’ – which seems to me to be a. errr, crusade? – ‘They lost an ambassador but what about all the Muslims they killed?’ and ‘Sharia law in the UK and US’. All good religiously tolerant stuff!

Choudrey’s also known for a scheme to introduce Sharia controlled areas in London. The idea included posters being put on lampposts in several London boroughs declaring that within the ‘zones’ there should be ‘no gambling’, ‘no music or concerts’, ‘no porn or prostitution’, ‘no drugs or smoking’ and ‘no alcohol’.

To show just how serious he is a bout this. here’s a couple of pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail showing him in his student day enjoy a fag and a pint or two:

Personally, I have nothing against Muslims or any other religion. Each to his own and, to be honest, I find all religions equally unconvincing. But if there’s one think I can’t stand it’s hypocrisy and people who use religion to publicise and aggrandise themselves.

So can someone explain to me why he wasn’t arrested and charged with inciting religious hatred which, the last time I looked, was against the law?

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8 responses to “Choudrey’s at it again

  1. Inciting religious hatred only applies to white indigenous people, thought you knew that.

  2. yes, that drunk bird on the tram is much more dangerous than this hypocrite.

  3. Have you noticed that you never, or hardly ever, see a Muslim laugh or smile. It may just be me not getting out enough, but what does a Muslim find funny? Are there any Muslim jokes which don't result in a fatwah, or even a thinwah? Just curious.Penseivat

  4. Robert the Biker

    More wierdly-bearded seething lunatics, funny how the rights of legitimate protest only seem to go one way.

  5. Its funny that you see guys wearing exactly the same white robes, with the same facial hair, sitting in knocking shops all over Manchester while waiting their turns for the white ladies…

  6. I'll dig out a few thinwah jokes for later in the week. Watch this space…

  7. He might be a bellend by cannot fault him for questioning the 9/11 scam though.

  8. "Will no-one rid is of this turbulent prick?"