Rotten Boroughs : South Tyneside

A UKIP councillor seeking the party’s nomination for Northumbria Police Commissioner invited a constituent to a “Bunga Bunga” party — a phrase used by disgraced former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to describe alleged sex parties.

David Potts, who sits on South Tyneside council, bragged on Twitter about his “W&S;” and “bunga bunga” parties, and even invited a member of the public to one. But Potts has denied attending sex parties, claiming that “W&S;” stood for “wine & sandwiches” rather than “wives & swingers”.

He said: “My understanding is that [bunga bunga] is merely a social gathering. The phrase is used among my circle. I may have misunderstood its perceived meaning.”

As well as his, erm, recreational activities, Potts has acquired a reputation as something of an online thug, attacking the council as a “poxy backwater” and making derogatory comments about council employees. 

Potts also upset fellow councillors, when he asked porn star Mercedes Ashley to congratulate a colleague on being re-elected. “As far as I am aware,” said the borough’s only Conservative councillor Jeff Milburn, “I have not been contacted by any American porn stars.”

Standards, dear boy! Standards…

(Thanks to Political Scrapbook for the story)


2 responses to “Rotten Boroughs : South Tyneside

  1. He sounds like a sparkling sort of chap. A bit of a character. I'd rather have someone who's an individual and a bit of an oddball than the sort of slimy clones who often promoted by the big three parties.

  2. Agreed F211 "attacking the council as a “poxy backwater” and making derogatory comments about council employees." Sounds like a good egg.