That Starbucks logo

Ever wondered about the origins of the Starbucks logo?

( Hang on a mo’! Don’t we usually do religion on a Sunday?)

Well, I’m coming to that. According to the Jerusalem Post, “The girl in the Starbucks logo is Queen Esther. Do you know who Queen Esther was and what the crown on her head means? This is the crown of the Persian kingdom. This queen is the queen of the Jews. She is mentioned in the Torah, in the Book of Esther. The girl you see is Esther, the queen of the Jews in Persia.”

Well, actually, when the Starbucks logo first came out there was a lot of debate about whether she was a mermaid or a siren. The original logo was a bare breasted woman but there were objections because it was seen as too suggestive and sexually explicit so they lengthened the hair to hide the breasts and added a split fish tail. Then later they got rid of the split fish tail.

To clear up the ambiguity, a creature with a split fish tail is a siren not a mermaid, but some people argue that a double tailed siren is a cross between a mermaid and a sheila-na-gig.

Sheila-na-gig is a general reference to female figures that prominently display their genitalia to signify the power of female sexuality and fertility. These images are also quite prominent in the decoration of sacred sites in general and are thought to be a legacy of the older Goddess religions whose holy sites were usually taken over by later religions. The shape of the genitalia in these squatting figures is also symbolic of the vesica piscis, the “vessel of the fish,” which is also associated with Christ. The well-known Christian “fish” symbol (seen prominently on the backs of many cars these days) is the ICHTHYS, referring to the Greek acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.”

So just to clear this up once and for all, the above is what the Starbucks logo might have looked like if they’d used the correct symbolism for a Shiela-na-gig.

Guess that would have been a step too far for the average, straight-laced, all-American…


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  1. That was quite fascinating. I followed up some links on Shiela-na-gig and they look exactly like the one in your article!The things you can learn on-line, eh – thank you.

  2. So the idiot WASP (the great conspiracy moron) get's it wrong again with the "Grand Catastrophe" at the Paralympics.I presume he will hide in his hole until ready to announce the next "Grand Catastrophe" that will not happen.One day he may just cause someone to lose their life and you dear Tap could be held responsible.

  3. Please relabel the symbol: Starfucks