Sitemeter is crap

As I just pass my half millionth hit on this blog, I reflect that it’s time for a moan. “Shurely not!’ I hear you say…

How many of you fellow bloggers out there use Sitemeter to record your stats? Well, if you do then you might have noticed that this previously rather good system went tits up on 3rd August when they did a system upgrade. It disappeared for a couple of days. Fair enough. These things happen.

But take look at the graph above that I captured from my stats. Notice anything odd?

The red bar is the page views and the yellow is the visits. Bit of a jump isn’t there?

I wrote to Sitemeter about it. They didn’t reply for a while and then after a week or so they sent out a standard letter explaining that everything was now sorted and back to normal. They went on to say that page views – remember that jump in the red bars above – wasn’t effected but I should let them know if I still had a problem.

I have done. Twice. Including the last time when I sent a strongly worded e-mail saying I had not received the courtesy of a response.

According to todays stats, I have so far had 333 visits and 3,819 page views. The average length of each visit was 1 minute and 22 seconds during which time 13.6 pages were viewed. Sorry, but anyone who believes this is realistic must have rocks in their head! I defy anyone to look at 13 pages in a minute and a half – and remember that this is an average.

Well, Sitemeter, your response to support queries is crap. Your admin is crap. Your programming is crap. Your reports are crap. Your attitude is crap. Your service is crap.

If this is the best you can do, then your company deserves to go down the toilet – which is where crap belongs…


2 responses to “Sitemeter is crap

  1. Ah! love the power of the internet!! Within 48 hours of this moan Sitemeter mysteriously seem to have fixed the problem – not of course that they have still had the courtesy to reply or explain or correct the bad bit in the middle, but at least it seems to be reporting the correct figures again. Or at least more believable ones…

  2. sitemeter seems to be history as of today's writing – April 6th, 2013.There seems to be some sort of squatter website on sitemeter.comThere is no access to account information, and it seems to be written by somebody without good command of the English language – the English is slightly off, not a native to English.The whole thing is weird! I've used sitmeter for over ten years, and it's sad to see it gone.