Clegg the bumbler

Now, it must be said that politics is a funny old business and, perhaps, that’s why I find it so interesting…

Over the weekend, the Limp Dumps decided that the man who led them into a general election in which the outcome was as a place at the top table of government needs to be replaced. To put that into perspective, he led them into something that has eluded them for a hundred odd years. And that’s the thanks he gets!

Amazingly, the ground swell seems to be that Clegg should be replaced by the business secretary, Vince Cable. Now once upon a time I had a lot of time for Cable who came across as a shrewd and capable economist and a man who talked a lot of sense. However, since his appointment to government, he has proved to be totally ineffective.

Indeed, to suggest that Clegg the bumbler should be replaced by someone who has proved to be an even bigger bumbler is ludicrous beyond belief!

The upshot is that Cable has been forced to come to the defence of Clegg. In my experience, this normally means that the man denying he is even remotely interested in the job is most likely making moves behind the scenes to ensure he gets it.

Cable said: “I don’t give any time to these personal criticisms of Nick Clegg which are being made at the moment. It is inevitable in the mid-term of parliament when party popularities wane, when difficult decisions are being made. That’s happened many times before. The Tories are doing it – David Cameron has come under a lot of fire in the last few weeks. Nick Clegg has got the same. He’s sufficiently resilient to ride through this, I think.”

That’s all a bit rich as his former advisor, Lord Oakshotte, is actively agitating to get Clegg replaced. Senior activists have accused Clegg of failing to stand up for the party’s interests on tax, education, electoral reform, the NHS and Europe.

Perhaps these people should remember that the Limp Dumps are part of a coalition and that in coalition politics, policies tend to get watered down to the point where all the parties concerned reach a compromise. That’s the nature of the beast.

Perhaps they should also remember that if it wasn’t for Clegg then they wouldn’t be having this debate – because they wouldn’t be in government. Like I said, it’s a funny old business…


4 responses to “Clegg the bumbler

  1. Makes no difference methinks. The LD's are utterly fucked whoever they put in charge. And given the complete dearth of talent in the party I find it highly unlikely that they can find anyone that could take them even above UKIP next time.Clegg performed slightly better than the other 2 in the televised 'debates' and now they seem to be suffering from gobsmackingly huge delusions of grandeur.See you in another 100 years LD's, or probably not.

  2. Clegg's BBC Breakfast interview this morning was as bad as he has ever been. A complete bluffer.Its worth watching.

  3. UKIP in coalition instead of the Lib Dems – now that I would like to see!!

  4. UKIP in the coalition would be a dream – to even raise it might jinx them though!