Crippolympic ticket fiasco…

Just when you thought that the everything that could go wrong with the great 2012 London Olympic bunfest already had, there’s news this weekend that Sebastian Coe-ca-cola’s men are now screwing up the ticketing for the Paralympics.

Seems that it is beyond the geniuses as LOCO to allocate disabled tickets automatically on their website even when the event itself is for disabled athletes. The reason? Well, it seems that if you are a wheelchair user – something you thought might be sort of relevant in the context of the Paralympics – then you can’t get your tickets over the internet and have to ring up.

This is because the software can’t handle it and wheelchair users need specifically allocated spaces, hence the need to sort it out with a bloke on the end of a phone. You might have thought this was not unreasonable were it not for the fact that when the same games were held in China, it wasn’t a problem.

The real problem here is that when you do ring up, you call an 0844 premium line number which can cost you up to 40p a minute. Add to this that you are put in a queuing system and you could easily be on the line for anything up to 15 minutes a go.

The cynical amongst us might think this is a nice little earner for the organisers.

So even if we accept the inadequacies of the on-line system, can someone please explain to me why exactly this is not a free-phone number? Or did I just answer my own question?..


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