American puppet states…

I am appalled at the way our government is dealing with the situation confronting Julian Assange as he takes refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

It is obvious to me – and I suspect to the vast majority of people reading this article – that the whole object of the current exercise is to get him extradited to Sweden to face trumped up charges of sexual misbehaviour so that he can be shipped on to the USA to be hung out to try for the heinous crime of proving that the US government really are a bunch of lying dickheads.

Firstly, is Assange actually guilty of anything in Sweden? Well, we can’t know for sure. But what we do know is that the next stage is for him to be interviewed by the Swedish authorities so they can decide if there is a case to answer. This is standard procedure – but what I find incredible is that they can send officials to Serbia to interview a suspected criminal but they don’t seem to be able to make it as far as London to do the same thing.

Secondly, I find it interesting that the Swedish authorities refuse to give any guarantees to Assange that if he does travel to Sweden then they will not send him on to the USA. I think this speaks volumes as to who is pulling the strings.

The Americans want to put Assange on trial for espionage and if this happens he will no doubt be found guilty. He has absolutely no chance of a fair trial, but then if you look back to the Salem Witch Trials you will quickly realise that such proceedings have a long history in the land of the free.

And can someone explain to me exactly how Assange can be a spy for publishing papers on his WikiLeaks site sent to him by someone else? I can understand that that other person may be a spy, but not the person that the information was passed to. If this is the case, then who would want to be a newspaper editor? Although, second thoughts maybe that’s a bad example given recent events?

So Assange effectively imprisons himself in the Ecuadorian embassy and what is the UK government’s response? First they threaten to revoke the embassy’s status and break in and arrest him – a move guaranteed to get up the nose of the government of Ecuador. However, unlike Sweden and the UK, the Americans seem to have forgotten that Ecuador is not a puppet state and they respond by granting Assange asylum. Good for them! I applaud the decision!

So having totally cocked up that particular strategy, the Foreign Office throws a hissy fit and decides that if he leaves the embassy, he will not be given safe passage out of the UK. Well, anyone who remembers that wonderful picture of William Hague in a baseball cap in an amusement park will most likely fail to be surprised that he is behaving like a petulant little schoolboy.

It’s time the UK government grew some balls. We should allow Assange to leave the country and tell the Americans to take a running jump. My advise now would be for the Ecuadorian government to issue Mr Assange with a diplomatic passport, thereby granting him diplomatic immunity, and tell all concerned to get stuffed.

For a country which prides itself on fair play, free speech and democracy a small South American republic is showing that we are nothing of the sort. And that’s frightening…


3 responses to “American puppet states…

  1. The UK is powerless to do anything here – in law. Once a fellow member of the EU issues a European Arrest Warrant that's the end of the matter.The UK authorities have to ensure that the warrant is exercised and the "miscreant" is deported. Sure Asssange appealed against the exercise of the warrant here but, as we all saw, his appeal was thrown out.This whole hoo-hah is not about the UK government having or, more to the point, not having balls. The UK has an obligation under EU law which, yes, our rulers have accepted.Of course it's disgusting and, although IMHO Assange is a shit of the first water, he's being railroaded to be questioned in respect of an alleged "rape" in Sweden which would not, I think, be considered rape under English law. Accordingly, it's unlikely that he would be extradited under "normal" circumstances.To misquote Larry Flynt, if Assange's legal rights are being infringed, we're all in danger.The situation with the Ecuadorians is a ridiculous sideshow which can be put down to Hague's/the FCO's stupidity and the Ecuadorian president's vanity.AFAIAC Assange can rot at leisure in Knightsbridge at the expense of the Ecuadorian taxpayer.

  2. That's the problem. Our pathetic leaders dragged us into the Fourth Reich and now we are obliged to do what they tell us. Nobody elected these people and I don't recall anything about all this when they asked if we wanted to join the 'Common Market' Sure we are obliged – in law – to arrest Assange, but I really don't see why we need to use twenty odd police officers to surround the Ecuador Embassy. Seems a little over the top to me.We should do what the French do. If this was happening in Paris there would be a single policeman on the front door so they were being seen to go through the motions and if Assange slipped out the back door and disappeared, then they would just shrug and say "You know, these things do 'appen…"I just think we are trying too hard – and remember this bloke hasn't been charged with anything. The Swedes just want to interview him. Beats me why they don't just come to London to talk to him. It would solve an awful lot of problems!

  3. Agree with all you say. All I wanted to do originally was to draw attention to the fact that this whole debacle is a manifestation of our membership of the EU. Under circumstances pertaining at the time when the UK was self-governing the Swedes would probably not have been able to get Assange extradited – or even tried.Moreover, your point about the masses of police milling around the Ecuadorian embassy is well taken. This really is a storm in a teacup from which, I suspect, Hague considered he'd get a costless "win" and look good both to our European "partners" and the over-promoted "community organiser" in the White House. Instead he's looked – and made us look – stupid and thuggish and, BTW, Assange is still "free".